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Update- Lurking

on 2 February 2014 at 04:22:58 MST

Will be using this site to lurk my friends pages. May or may not upload art here.

Commission/Comic Sales Update

Only working on art for school/local jobs/auto-bio comic (this has been encouraged by my professor and several others)

No longer doing any commissions/selling books/merch until I untangle that Indiegogo mess. Fear + frustration + crippling lack of resources and experience has put me on hold. I feel it's fair to stop all services entirely instead of taking on more commissions. Website and tumblr gallery have been taken down too.

Current Progress

Taking a business course and discussing situation with professor and business consultant.
Strangling for failing to properly deliver the packages that were sent.
Rebuilding the entire shipping database that was destroyed.
Designing prints for both gallery presentation and as a thank you to those who were really patient.
Setting aside refunds for everyone else. I cannot do this until I am regularly employed.

The only thing I can offer in the meantime is halting the majority of my work. No self promotion and no presence. I have yet to fulfill what I promised and because of this I feel that this is a fair trade off. The only art I will continue to do will be toward education, work, and public service.

Basically- No self indulgent crap with my characters in it.


Nearly all of my old pieces were destroyed when my computer died last summer. Anything I do find will not be re-uploaded. My old tumblr is defunct but I made a new one for a comic project I began for a Sequential Art History course. I have been asked to finish the comic by my professor.


I came out as trans in August. Please do not refer to me by my old name or the gender I used to identify as.

I can be contacted through the Weasyl note system. Abuse it and lose it.

My tumblr/comic is here:
My twitter is here:

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    we frands

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      Heck yeah (I gotta get on AIM I'm a skype fiend)

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    Really great to see you here!

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      Great to see you here too! ALL MY FRIENDS ARE COMING OVER


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    According to Kevin I live really close to you now. We should hang out again.

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      According to Kevin I live about 10 minutes away from your house now. I'm in Redmond near 148th and it's great, no more south king county for me! I'm planning to have an art jam soon so I'll let you know when that is.

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        Oh sweet! That'll be a blast!