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I'm a traditional artist who specializes in Fantasy and Animals. (And fantasy animals)
Now I'm trying out digital stuff online too, and here we are!
Please be gentle, everyone щ(^-ω -^щ)


The goal is to create Nicethings for you to experience, enjoy, and maybe even learn!
this includes:

  • Tutorials: These would mostly be art, artist & anatomy tutorials, but if there's enough interest in something, I'd be happy to consider it
  • Fine art: Pinups, posters, and stuff to hang in your room/home that you generally won't mind other people seeing (most of the time)
  • Lewd stuff: To peruse at your leisure's pleasure


As of: 2018-03-25,
here are the following sites you can reach me at [to-be-updated as necessary]

  • FurAffinity (humans x feral, no Cub)
  • Weasyl
  • other [coming soon!]


As of: 2018-07-22,

  • There's a Spring event happening, where I post an Eostre/Ostara-themed bunny/hare picture every day for 30 days

Other than the above,
I don't currently have a regular schedule yet, since this is something done purely in my spare time

But! Depending on the feedback and level of interest from everybody, I do plan to do it full time, which means regular updates and Nicethings for everybody. yay!


Why do I make things? Because it's fun! And fun things are fun
and Nicethings are fun too :D

Latest Journal


on 25 July 2018 at 03:44:55 MDT

This is an update to say, 'Things are still happening!'

As for what those things are;


What is this update entry about?

  1. [X] Uploading the rest of the /Ostara/ series for this year, regardless of release status

  2. [X] New info. on schedule
    ~ change in schedule :: list of active months

  3. [X] Still active!
    ~ reason?

  4. [X] Nicethings planned/working on you may enjoy:
    ~ working email/contact
    ~ personalized requests
    ~~ commission system
    ~ website
    ~ crowdfunded media [eg manga]

  5. [X] More frequent updates on art sites


  1. Uploading the rest of the /Ostara/ series for this year

The [Ostara uploads] I promised you all to make up for the unannounced hiatus
ended up being delayed too because of an unannounced hiatus (◕︵◕✿)

So instead of cancelling the rest
or attempting to do another make-up event (for now),

I'll be uploading the most-finished versions of the remaining sets
so you have all 30 as promised (シ_ _)シ

  1. New info. on schedule

Here's what the schedule looks like so far:


  • July 23 - August 23 : Active (~Lughnasadh) <-- [we are Here]

  • October 24 - November 22 : Active! (~Samhain)

  • December 22 - January 21 : Active? (~Yule)


[detailed explanation goes here]

  1. Still active!

It's very disappointing to admit:
Since I'm not currently doing these as a career,
the amount of time set aside each day ended up being much more limited
than usual these past months,

But it's not all regretful news!

Quite a large amount of that time was (and is)
actually spent working on other goodies and projects related to this one

To spare your expectations in the future however,
I won't be mentioning a project until something can be shared with you all.
Otherwise it's just merciless teasing!

You deserve a hint at least, after all that buildup and waiting:

If you like interactive stories and games, then hopefully it'll interest you!

  1. Nicethings planned/working on you may enjoy

Some of the Things that are still planned:

  • Working email contact
  • Website that makes everything easier & more enjoyable
  • Commission-style requests:
    • Personalized : ??? (more details TBA),
    • Community-funded : Manga/comic series, tutorials,

  1. More frequent updates on art sites

If you're reading this,
Thank you very much for staying with me this far (m❀_ _)m

In the coming days,
I'll definitely try to update during active months at least once a week,
to give you all something to look forward to

The eventual goal is looking forward to a Nicething everyday,

Let's try to enjoy some more nicethings together! ヽ(❀◕ ω ◕)/

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