Vesk and Reuskay: Piggyback by ArthurDTayra

Vesk and Reuskay: Piggyback


16 December 2013 at 23:15:41 MST

Featuring Vesk, the grey fox who exists in a timeline parallel to Gilraed's, and Reuskay. In this timeline, Reuskay didn't fall victim to the traps within the lair, thanks to Vesk.

Wait... what? No amyotrophy? No victims? Happiness? Fun? Did I actually commission this? =D

Vesk said:

Sometimes, someone arrives at my lair, lost or some other reason no fault of his own. While I enjoy tormenting the marauding gnolls and plundering wolverkin that enter my lair--they deserve it, trust me--I just feel like, after decades of the same, I get stuck in a rut. It's a refreshing change of pace to find someone who isn't trying to kill me or steal from me. Sometimes, it's fun just to have... fun.

Commissioned from aggrobadger, and this is the original:

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    and here is a cute foxy i've not stalked yet? i mean, snugged? ^^

    very adorable piece. had never seen this one before.

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      Thank you =) Hah, yeah, this pic's from back in June this year over at FA.

      Vesk is my... well, he's naughtier and more likely to be cruel to his victims than Gilraed, though Vesk isn't without his more pleasant moments like here. =D But unlike Gilraed, Vesk's touch can cause amyotrophy when he wills it. =O

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        well he needs to be nice to this weasel or he gets no loves >:C

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          Vesk'll get back to you on that. He's in the middle of tormentinghelping out some wolverkin. >=]

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            okies :3

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    Adorable :)