Destroy All Skyscrapers! by ArthurDTayra

Destroy All Skyscrapers!


25 June 2015 at 08:01:00 MDT

Alon says:
See, when the city runs out of cereals, it had better not be of cereals certain macros enjoy. Or else, the city will have to be punished. **titanotterbellyflops onto all the skyscrapers** Wheeeee!

Malik says:
How dare they be out! *kicks over everything!* The answer to companies not giving us what we want is to stomp on them until they do. >:3

Malik kicks over buildings on behalf of (i.e., is owned by) fuzzypaws fuzzypaws (fa:fuzzypaws)
Q pummels buildings on behalf of qdd qdd (fa:qdd)
Alon Titanotter bellyflops onto buildings on behalf of me! =D
Thanks to Fuzzypaws and Q for participating in this! =)

Artwork by the excellent leoomega, who is still taking commissions like this and more!
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Malik's quotes used above from Twitter: 1 2