Character For Sale OTA (Sold) by Art_By_Nicolette

Character For Sale OTA (Sold)


15 June 2018 at 11:59:21 MDT

This was going to be my secondary fursona, Dylan's alternative coat design, but it ended up looking too different from her lol. So, I decided to sell the design. It's OTA (Offer To Adopt), but please be fair (i.e. no offers like $0.25, or something like that) I also have another piece of art of her, that will, of course come with her. I will send the buyer the art, once payment is sent. Oh, and a base by Waitress on was used to make this.

Offers I will Accept:

Money (USD PayPal ONLY) Prefered

Art Second Choice

Other Characters

Or A Combination Of Any Of The Above

Feel free to offer other things, but these are what I am mainly looking for


If you are paying with money, the money must be received UP FRONT, and IN FULL. Art may be given later, of course. Although, if I don't get any updates within a week (doesn't have to be complete), I will assume you ghosted me, and that you have no intentions to pay me. Characters must be given at the time I accept them. If you need extra time, to give me extra art that was done of them, that is fine.

If payment is not received, I will assume you no longer want the character, and they will be sold to someone else.

Once you adopt her, you may change her gender and/or species

You may alter/revamp her design, as long as it's not too drastic, to where you can't even tell it is her

No flipping the character. You MAY, however, resell her if you wish, just don't sell her for more than you paid for her, unless extra art is included

No harassing myself or other bidders

No guilt tripping myself or other bidders

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! I am a nice person, I just have to make the rules super clear, as not to be swindled.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital