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Trade Simander by Arsillyd

Trade Simander


5 December 2012 at 15:21:59 MST

my trade with Simander on DA!

I realy like the result of this one! It was done with markers, and polychromos pencils! ;)



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    Really amazing character here :3 as with the colours. Well done on the colouring! May have to check those pencils out, the colours are sooo vibrant ;o;

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      Thank you for the comment!! the vibrance is mostly the result of the markers to be honest though! ;) and the small detailed shadows are the work of pencils! ;) both are certainly worth of your attention! I never want to trade them for anything else! :D

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        Yeah, definitely do not leave them, PROTECT THEM WITH YOUR LIFE. xD but it's really neat, I'd like to try something like that someday :3

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    That is wow.....stunning!