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Asari racial stats

Ability Score: Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age: Asari reach maturity rapidly, reaching their peak at around 1 year. Their scavenging lifestyles grant them a slightly longer lifespan than Thoradan, and usually live to around 40.
Alignment: Asari culture is very similar to that of the Thoradan, but their curiosity leads them to sometimes be more chaotic than neutral.
Size: An Asari’s height averages around 3 ½’ feet tall and their wingspan reaches around 10 feet wide. Your size is small.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 15 feet.
Flight: You have a flying speed of 30 feet.
Keen sight: You have advantage on perception checks that rely on sight.
Tiny gut: You only require ½lb of food and 1/2gl of water to live happily. You also have proficiency with constitution saves.
Languages: Asari speak fluent Auran. In addition, they are familiar with common, but have difficulty using it to explain certain concepts.

asari racial stats


1 April 2020 at 00:24:31 MDT

The racial stats for the Asari, a race of hawk people, as designed for D&D5E by Runesmith.

I've altered some of the fluff details for my own use, but I've left his version intact here. Most notably, mine live to human lifespans.

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