Kobold by ArrowQuivershaft

Thenyr peered around. He felt uncomfortable in this cave, as he couldn’t be sure which way to the sun. He walked carefully, sneaking as best he was able while carrying metal, trying to find where his contact was. He didn’t trust the kobolds one bit, but they had an alliance and he was there to make sure they would continue it forward. Stepping into a chamber, he looked around again, watching for any signs this was a trap. Unfortunately for him, the trap came from above, and the ray of magic hit him square on. Thenyr squawked angrily, jumping forward to look back at what’d happened.

The ray was long gone,and Thenyr wasn’t sure exactly what it had done to him. He knew this magic could be deadly, and he should’ve checked more thoroughly for traps. He panted, his armor feeling heavier all of a sudden, despite it’s lack of protection. He loosened it a bit as he looked around and finally realized...he was shrinking. The walls were higher, the torch was longer, and his armor was getting heavier and hanging looser every second. As he shrunk down, he felt his feathers start to firm up, laying flat against the skin and becoming a rusty color, before turning into pebbly scales. His beak thrust out into a doglike snout, sharp teeth growing in. His armor fell off in pieces now, no longer fitting the half-sized transforming kobold that was there. He grumbled, trying to think of a countercurse, but the words were stolen away from his mind as he kept changing. Soon, there was simply another kobold for the tribe, and the Thordani Chosen One, chosen to maintain peace with the kobolds, was gone...an excellent strategy for the kobolds in taking more and more of the thordani and inviting them to the caves.



26 June 2019 at 12:56:19 MDT

Thenyr delves a bit deep into the Kobold caves, and decides to stay.

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