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Just imagine the homework by ArrowQuivershaft

Just imagine the homework


29 May 2016 at 22:35:18 MDT

Richard and Melody are both Natural Shifters, which is a race distinct from humans. Natural shifters each have a specific alternate animal form and an anthro form between the two that they can shift to at will, or need to be in during the nights of the full moon. They also have violent allergic reactions to silver and gold, and register as magical creatures. But that's because of the shifting...they can't actually use magic because a natural shifter's entire capacity for magic is already used up with the shifting and the benefits(and drawbacks!) it conveys.

Given the "Anthropomorphic Institute Of Magic" theme, a friend suggested having the two of them puzzling over the papers for the school, since, as magic items and magic sigils, they'd be at best only barely comprehensible to the two of them. So I handed the idea off to Stephanie Lynn for drawing, since I thought it'd be amusing. So here they are, puzzling over the application for the school and wondering what exactly they're getting themselves into.

Advice to the two of them: You're probably better off not going there. Even if you understand the classes, I can't see the other students being ok with you.

Art drawn at Anthrocon 2011 by   stephanielynn
Melody Nicole Shebesta and Richard Peter Gallian copyright myself.

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