We've been waiting, Arrow... by ArrowQuivershaft

We've been waiting, Arrow...


29 May 2016 at 22:18:37 MDT

So, one of the places that I used to roleplay had a running joke that when you die, your characters create a personal hell for you where they get even with you. Everything you've done to them, they do back to you.

I've been...rather a jerk to some of my RP characters, so I'm sure that they're quite eagerly awaiting my arrival so that everything can be paid in full.

Here's one artist's interpretation of this day, I'm in the center in the front row, and left-to-right, you have Richard, Nathan, Melody, Kawheek, and Thenyr grinning at me and commenting on what's going to happen now. I'm really in for it.

Drawn by   catmonkshiro at Anthrocon 2010