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Brisby Family Thumbnail! by ArrJaySketch

Brisby Family Thumbnail!


11 June 2018 at 19:12:49 MDT

So, you may have heard that I'm uploading some of my old artwork!

Every day, I'm going to pick an old piece I uploaded, and I'm going to re-draw it! Rather, I'm going to draw a small concept sketch, a "thumbnail sketch" or a "thumbnail", with the goal eventually being that I'll use my thumbnail sketches to draw a full-scale sketch, ink it, and color it!

So, for my very first treatment, I'm drawing the Brisby family! Poor Mrs. Brisby has her little paws with her children!

This is a special piece to me, because I really owe most of my interest in drawing to "The Secret of NIMH"!

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    I remember seeing this.........wait for a DRIVE-IN THEATER when I was just a tyke. I love the movie and the book! :D

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      Oh gosh, I remember those! I think the last move we saw was Ghost before they tore ours down??

      I love NIMH so darned much. LOL, I remember I rented the movie so much my parents just bought it for me so I'd stop!

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        Yeah, that sounds about the right time for the end of the drive-in era. Some still exist in a few towns, but I think more for the "pop culture" angle than money-making. chuckle

        It was more "mystical" than the original book it was based on, but both the movie and the book are fantastic stories, most definitely! :D