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More Precious Than Gold by arphalia

More Precious Than Gold


24 June 2014 at 01:30:40 MDT

Something I've been slowly working on between commissions. India ink on watercolor paper. 3.5 x 5 inches.

Sometimes things just get in my mind to draw and I wanted a girl hugging a bear. I have this huge fear of bears, so maybe there's a bit of finding comfort with something feared, but I'll spare you guys all that. Her hair was the last thing I colored in and I figured this could also kind of a sort of girl-who-grew-up-with-bears thing, a different idea for the whole Goldilocks story. Like, maybe she got lost -forever- and -had- to live with a bunch of bears who were terrifying but for some reason didn't eat her because they liked porridge a whole lot. Anyway.. Long story short, she lives in the woods with her bear friends now and has become one of the family. The End. :D

Art © Arphalia.

PS - I'll be offering the original of this for sale at some point, so if you're interested keep an eye out or something. :)

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    This is so sweet. <3

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      Thanks! I was hoping for something with that kind of mood to it. :)

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    This idea is so adorable, I love this a lot!

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    And maybe by drawing this it will be cathartic and help take away your fear of bears! I find this incredibly beautiful, just as I do all your work. But especially here you can feel the emotion, and knowing the story behind it adds so much to the image, making it that much deeper. This is part of why I adore your work so much.