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20 February 2014 at 05:18:09 MST

"Were you expecting a bountiful black mage? Or maybe a jailbait rogue? Perhaps an inadequate summoner? Nope, we're looking at the only real reason to play FFX... aside from Lulu's tits :P

I think Noah Antwiler (The Spoony One) put it best, with something to the affect that Final Fantasy 10 had a terrible misfocus on who should be the main protagonist. Instead of following the veteran who fits the silent protagonist who only speaks when it is meaningful and has a genuine ambition to end the cycle the antagonists have set in place during the story, we instead follow the loud-mouth whiny teenager with daddy issues. Auron is a truly inspiring character with a tragic past and character development throughout the story and seems too be all the more shame we weren't allowed to explore his personal history more, bleeding through his memories of friends lost and the vendetta he had against the creature called Sin.

Oddly enough, early on Auron was the inspiration for Arly's dad, in far earlier designs than will ever be witnessed. So especially in that sense, Auron holds a little place in my heart and despite my feelings to the rest of the game he features in (and its sequel), I still consider him one of the biggest badasses and an accomplishment he could be nearly the sole redeeming quality of such a poorly focused game... the other quality being Lulu's tits, of course."

What? I'm not typing all that over again... :P

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    She forgot the paaaaaaaaaants! D=

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      You're complaining about Sexy Auron? Who are you and what did you do with Karaken!?

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    2 hit the final boss! most OP character ever :P

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      Literally tells two dieties of corruption and death to go screw themselves :P

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    Iunno who this is either, but Arly shows some great under-bum here, so yay for whoever this is. :P