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At the Squish of a Catox (Art by Tanukisan!) by ArkCatox

At the Squish of a Catox (Art by Tanukisan!)


22 May 2016 at 22:54:27 MDT

At the Squish of a Catox

Ark normally doesn't tease that much.

Okay, that's a blatant lie. He's a blatant tease, always waggling his hips and his cheeks, spurring on other friends and strangers to have fun, whether with himself or through other methods. His methods of persuasion are unique, ranging from simple verbal pushing to hands-on demonstration. Usually, that would end in a massive mess, or a pile of fur needing to be brought over to Fyreworks or TSTech for restitching. But occasionally, the catox would get in more trouble than he bargained for...

"So, squishy. You've been good at work so far?" the catox spoke, sipping his coffee as he checked his phone.

'Heh, it's alright. Boring as usual, no chance to flex my skills.' the larger creature sitting down with his tea, the couch creaking a bit under the weight.

Both creatures were at at at opposite ends of the spectrum, but with similarities. One was slim, sleek, powerful, fluffy, and charismatic, yet caring and intelligent. The other was fat, plush, yet still healthily mobile! He also shared the personal traits, with degrees of charisma and smarts all working out nicely. They both also shared magical properties; it was like Eastern and Western powers meeting up.

"Yea, same here," Ark said, "Just putting out little bush fires. Moron left a floppy in here, another person kicked a power cord. Nothing fun! No attacks, no security breaches. Nothing. I'd rather have to deal with a work outbreak than deal with stupid." Ark continued to drink, slowly wagging while he looked back at the larger creature. "So, Cran's off taking care of something?"

'She'll be back tomorrow. It's a pretty chill day for once. Just laze about and be fat, I guess.' Tanuki laughs a bit, shaking, Ark peeping as he leaned in a bit couch's shifting. The large puffball wrapped an arm around the hybrid, giving him a gentle hug. 'Glad you were able to drop by though.'

The catox purred along, sliding his coffee onto the side table with his tail, which then resumed its couch-thumping duties. His ears flushed as his face filled with bright red blood, enjoying the squishy bulk, but somewhere in his mind, he wanted more."Me too! I know Drenthe has been busy with the UI on that security system at the school, so he didn't mind the break from me sneaking up on him and suddenly teabagging him until he stopped." Ark moved to brush his paw over that warm, hot gut.

'Heh, that's our job, you know.' Tanuki grinned and looks down, using his other paw to rub at Ark's brown and blue hair. Ark's head pushed up into the pettings, instinct taking over. 'Once a cat, always a cat. You'd love that too anyways, ya hornball.'

"Hey... mmmmew..." Ark's tail wagged back and forth like a fur-covered metronome, the catox fighting to respond. His mind danced between deviousness and enjoying the sensations of the fat paw above him. Finally, he spoke up. "I'd like to see you try that, fatty." Ark grinned for a moment before he saw a bright green leaf, floating right in front of his muzzle.

Ark stared as that leaf landed in front of him, his eyes widening as his brain put the pieces together.

"Oh hell," he muttered. The tanuki grinned deviously, pushing the catox onto the ground with his soft flab. The hybrid twisted about, struggling, but only moving the pudgy tanuki a tiny bit.

'Oh ho! Looks like we have a squirmer. We're gonna have to fix that,' Tanuki spoke deviously, holding the grey and white catox with relative ease as Ark's foxish tail wagged all over. It circled about before thumping the carpeted floor quickly. His ears twitched, listening into the wobble as Ark tried to build up his own energy and push the tanuki off.

"Hey, come on! I'll just push ya... wait... where's my Pulse? I can't do anything!" said the hybrid, feeling drained of energy. The catox's mind worked as he looked up at the fuzzy cover on top of him. "So, you can drain energy, fatass?" Ark snickered as he grinned back at the tanuki, awaiting a response. Until...

Tanuki bulked up, putting on a few pounds instantly, his body heating up while his cells started to rapidly reproduce. Both skin and fat built up, allowing the tanuki to stretch out while puffing up with fat. His fur stayed soft, while the catox's hips were covered by the large creature. 'Bingo, and you're going to enjoy it too!'

Ark started to purr, forgetting about his lack of control, as the warm body covered his back. He giggled as the fur meshed together. "Oh fine... fatass! EEEP!" The catox squirmed a bit and felt the tanuki's ass and hips fill out quickly, coating him in hot, fluffy fat. He couldn't help but relax, enjoying the enveloping sensation while his tail settled down, the gut pushing along. "Mmmmph..... you could get bigger, ya know."

Hearing this, the tanuki let it all out, growing faster as his arms bulked up, one fat hand grasping his own plump chest, while the other rubbed one of the catox's big ears. His chin expanded, his fat face packing on the pounds with increasing speed, along with the fluff building up along the lardball's second neck. Tanuki adjusted his backside, his fattened legs spreading out along the catox with his lower paws simply laid out on the ground. Even with those large rump and hips, the star of the show was his massive gut, swelling up and stretching with ease, the catox almost completely covered in tanuki!

Ark growled happily, pushing his head up, feeling that hot belly resting on his head now. The catox, coated in the tanuki's fat, was unable to move more than a few shifts of his chest and legs, his shapely rump even pushed in by Tanuki's own butt.

'Really? Bigger?' he asked, grinning deviously.

The hybrid was really enjoying the situation he'd gotten himself into, his body not only tolerating but enjoying the sensation of his massive, growing friend. This is why he loved not only the teasing, but his friends as well. Always willing to play and share experience.

"Dude, always bigger."

Akkeresu's Notes:   tanukisan always pulls off fun little sketches on his blog, Hey Tanuki, and one happened to be this adorable picture of him smothering a certain willing catox with him, in a rather superfat state! Inspired by this simple doodle, I decided to run with it and make a great short story to test out my non-porn skills! With three quick hours of work and another hour of editing from myself and Mr. Tanuki, the story is complete, and ready for you all! Enjoy this fun lil' combined effort from the both of us.

Tanuki's Notes: I doodled this thing for fatties week on my blog, and   akkeresu wrote this niiiiice story to go along with it! Totally spontaneous. Totally fun. <3 Thanks, kittyfoxface!