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Debian GNU/Linux Cheat-Sheet / Reference-Card by AriesHausdorff (critique requested)

Debian GNU/Linux Cheat-Sheet / Reference-Card (critique requested)


25 March 2015 at 06:16:51 MDT

Debian Linux Reference Card / Cheat Sheet

A quick reference which helps in daily usage of Linux-based systems. It's primarily focused on using the commandline interface, as the graphical interface is more or less the same as you'll find on any other system - with the smal variation that yo ucan select a multitude of different graphical interfaces for your Linux system during installation.

Feedback, recommendations warmly welcome!

Added to the list of recommended changes:

  • move the "Encrypt yoru home partition" the the install manual instead of the ref-card

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    I thought it was sudo apt-get -f install. Does it make difference if I use -f before or after install?

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      It might be "better style" to put the options before the keyword.
      From my point of understanding it makes more sense, however, to first give the keyword ( i.e. "WHAT" to do ) before the options ( i.e.: How or why to do something ).

      It'd read like this:
      Fetch Packages, install them, to fix some problem.

      Considering German uses a different way to assemble sentences ( different structure / grammar ), it is actually quite reasonable that in English the way you suggest comes more naturally from a sentence describing what is to be achieved with the commandline.

      In Short:
      It works both ways, for sure.
      I do not know which way is more elegant.
      I don't know which is the "recommended way".

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        Either is fine, they do the same thing.-w-