WtV: Chaman ibn Nikbin by AriesHausdorff

WtV: Chaman ibn Nikbin


15 November 2020 at 14:13:31 MST

A lovely piece of art made for me by ColorMeViolet @ FA

Chaman is the headmistress of the danceress guild in Tehuioy. She focused on becoming a danceress from the start, only later on expanding into other fields of interest.
Due to her being from the mountain city of Irtep, she has smaller ears than the fenwas of the desert lowlands.
As such, she is considered an exotic beauty amongst the fennekim of Tehuioy.
That is in part also the reason why she was elected to become the headmistress of the danceress guild upon recommendation of the previous headmistress.
She inspected the human children after their arrival and observed Peter in th first days where he was the sole awake child.
As one of the results of her observations, she selected Tanaz ibn Ardach to guard the boy Manfred and, too, elected to take the human girl under her wings.

\item [Full name:] Chaman ibn Nikbin ( Nikbin Clan Irtep )
\item [Pronunciation:] chhamahn yipn
\item [Nickname(s) or Alias:] Angel Chaman
\item [Gender:] Female
\item [Species:] Fennekim ( Vulpes Zerda Sapiens )
\item [Age:] 28
\item [Birthday:]
\item [Sexuality:] straight
\item [Nationality:] Allied Sultanates
\item [Religion:] Fenwa
\item [City or town of birth:] Irtep
\item [Currently lives:] Tehuioy
\item [Languages spoken:] Kwanikwa, Wa, mountain Fenn, central desert Fenn, broken German
\item [Native language:] mountain Fenn and Kwanikwa
\item [Relationship Status:] single

\item [Height:] 1,05 m
\item [Weight:] 15 kg
\item [Figure/build:] imposingly tall for a fenwa, athletic
\item [Hair colour:] Leaf-Green
\item [Hairstyle:] Waist-long with a clasp above the neck drawing her hair together.
\item [Facial Hairstyle:]
\item [Eye colour:] Her left eye is blue, her right eye is a light brown in color
\item [Skin/fur/etc colour:] snow-white
\item [Tattoos:] none
\item [Piercings:] Bellybutton with a round faceted emerald in silver frame. 8 small silver rings peek from her chestfur.
\item [Scars/distinguishing marks:] none visible
\item [Preferred style of clothing:] Likes both desert style danceress silks & togas as well as mountain style pantaloons with vest
\item [Frequently worn jewellery/accessories:] Several gold and silver rings on both fingers and toes. A thin golden-silver necklace around her neck and several other fine chains around her slender waist and one around her ankles each. The necklace has seven shiny steel boulders, looking like grapes on a vine branch, dangling from it.

\item [Personality:] strategic thinker, humorous, highly empathic
\item [Likes:] Drinking orange tea in a shaded cool spot
\item [Dislikes:]
\item [Fears/phobias:]
\item [Favourite colour:] green
\item [Hobbies:] teaching, baking
\item [Taste in music:] stringed instruments and wind instruments; flowing music, from slow to fast: "traditional mountain fennekim music"

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