WtV: Abadard ibn Moradi by AriesHausdorff

WtV: Abadard ibn Moradi


6 November 2020 at 17:29:06 MST

WtV: Faction Sultanates: Abadard ibn Moradi

Made for me by the awe inspiring Anatoliba - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/anatoliba

Abadard ibn Moradi is the Sheik of Tehuioy, the village-, or rather town-, eldest of the fennekim of Tehuioy.
In his younger years, Abadard was a protector in Tehuioys caravan guard. He apprenticed as a tanner in sietch Singing Stones, returning to Tehuioy after he finished his journeyman years upriver.
When he returned to Tehuioy, he brought his first wife along whom he had met in one of the town he worked as a journeyman.
His wife brought glueing knowhow along, allowing Abadard to use cast-off snakeskin to manufacture robust retilian leather.

In his later years he rose to become the head of the tanners guild. His wife organized a second wife for him, from a famous local sewing clan, boosting Abadards families production and sales.

With the death of the old Sheik Ikash ibn Ardach at age 80, Abadard became the town eldest at the respectable age of 72.
His youngest daughter, Laleh, is his pearl of happiness, was accepted as a danceress in training the year before he was elevated to the exalted rank of honorable eldest of Tehuioy.
His two wifes are taking care of his interests the tanners guild these days, whilst he thinks about how to ensure happiness for all fennekim by listening to the play of the lute or by strolling through the parks of Tehuioy.

Quite often he gets lost on those strolls, but he is in capable paws:
His maid of honor, one of the more experienced danceresses of the danceress guild, takes care of him and helps him with his work by writing his speeches and managing his schedules. And never lets him much out of her sight on his strolls.

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