WtV: Logo: The Church of the Mother by AriesHausdorff

WtV: Logo: The Church of the Mother


25 August 2020 at 18:43:31 MDT

WtV: Faction Church: The sign of the Church of the Mother: The fertile hand of the Goddess

Made for me by the excellent KaiserinMeli @ FA

The symbol once was the sign of a subgroup of the medical staff of the Empire of Nut.
In particular the Uplift Medical Service, showing an anthro hand and an ova being fertilized.
A fifth of a million years later, the symbol is considered to symbolize the godess mighty paw holding the sun.
Intentionally misinterpreting ancient documents and millenia of perpetual rewriting of them to adjust the rules of the church to the needs of politics, the church of the mother has turned into a mighty political organization.
When the churches powerbase is pulled from under their feet, they get very grumpy.
In the long term they get so grumpy that, one day, a situation that goes against their then-current interpretation of their religion, they initialize a biological and nuclear holocaust that eradicates most of their species and mutates the pitiful remainder.

I really love this logo!

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