WtV: Flag of the Reich by AriesHausdorff

WtV: Flag of the Reich


4 August 2020 at 16:42:13 MDT

Welcome to Valhalla: Faction Reich: The Flag of the Reich

Created for me by kaiserinmeli @ FurAffinity

The Reichs Flag faced a realworld issue:
The default Nazi Symbols I can not use as I am located in Germany, where the usage of those symbols is forbidden.
Basically I don't mind that, as I fully agree.
The other issue is rather story based: The real Nazis had actually inverted the swastika, an indo-germanic symbol of luck and fertility.
As the new Fuehrer of the Reich says: "Invert luck and what you expect is the result?"
Well, in the story it was planned them going for an orange flag with an original swastika, as that is an actual somewhat logical, and orange background.
This is, however, in that combination, a symbology that could be connected to Buddhism. And I don't want to step on a religions toes.

So, Meli came up with what I think is a blade- or daggercross.
I went for the orange background, as orange is the color of luck and success, things the fourth Reich wants to have.

Here you see it.
Is it a flag proper teamkillers and backstabbers can look up to?

Share your thoughts and opinions below!

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