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WtV: The Patriarch by AriesHausdorff

WtV: The Patriarch


9 May 2020 at 08:24:48 MDT

WtV: Faction Sultanates: The Patriarch of the feline enclave

Made for me by the skilled MisterFyrryMan @ FA -

Full name: Shah Sher, son of Ewek, (former) ruler of the tribe of the salty marshes
Nickname: Sher-Shah Ewekar ; or just: Patriarch
Gender: male
Species: lion-like tiger mutant
Age: ~ 42
Religion: Loosely agnostic with parts of ancestor worship
City or town of birth: Kraal Salty Marshes
Languages spoken: Tribal and Amazon Kwanikwa
Native language: Tribal Kwanikwa
Relationship Status: Polygamuously married

Height: 2,60 m
Weight: 320 kg
Figure/build: broad shoulders, massive torso - Like the Hulk, but with fur and fangs.
Hair colour: graying black with silver traces
Hairstyle: long wavy mane with several small braids
Facial Hairstyle: Shaggy facial fur
Eye colour: Gold-brown with blue specks
Skin/fur/etc colour: Sand
Scars/distinguishing marks: (lots) Primarily one large scar of a scorpion claw running diagonally over his chest. Several hairless spots on his left torso and left arm where the acid of a dune carver sprayed him. Many clawmarks, scars of previous battles.

Smoker: Yes, pipe, but only seldomly
Drinker: No
Recreational Drug User: Smoked in former times dried marsh rose leafes, nowadays more used to some dried herbs with a bit of catnip
Addictions: very fond of catnip for both the calming and the sedating effect.
Physical ailments: He is very old for his species. If not for being an extremely healthy and fit example of his kind, he would have snow white hair by now and would have lost his fangs due to old age. There are gray, blind and near senile shamans that are about the same age as him. Perhaps because he has his testosterone a bit better under control, he hasn't aged as much.

Personality: Fatherly. Protective. If not for viewing everybody inside Tehuioy as his chldren, his agressive instincts might urge him to rend and thrash everybody and everything not related to him by blood. If roused past a triggeringpoint, he would go berserking. A threat to his children will trigger such a rage agaisnt anyone and anything threatening them. He trained himself to consider the whole town to be his children for a reason.
Likes: Children. All children.
Dislikes: Anybody threatening children.
Fears/phobias: None
Favourite colour: "The color of a womans eyes."
Hobbies: Storytelling and cooking
Taste in music: Calm and peaceful music, mostly the panpipe, flute and lyra played songs that amongst his people are usually only played by their mothers for their babies. Also enjoys the children songs of the amazons and fennekim people, as they usually tell stories.

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Carnivore
Preferred food: Fish, crustaceans. reptiles
Preferred drinks: Water, watered honeywine
Dislikes as food: Insects of any kind

Lives here: The Patriarch lives in a logcabin perched againt the socket of the hill of the old carawanserai and modern garrision of Tehuioy.
Lives with: His five wives - they usually sleep in a big pile - and on the separate bedsteads next to the door sleep the youngest cubs and their respective mother. At other times guests sleep there.
Memorable items: Trophies of the beasts he killed during the travel through the desert

Education: Tribal education, i.e. killing things: Expert
Qualifications: Got chieftain of a tribe and brought all children and women of the tribe through the desert to Tehuioy
Current job title and description: Patriarch of the people ( of the tiger and tiger-mutants of Tehuioy )
Name of employer: none, self employed: Runs a fish & crustacean 'bistro' at the corner of the main city plaza.

Fighting Style: usually peaceful ; if combat is unavoidable, he tries to finish it as fast as possible. No cat&mouse gaming with him.
Fighting techniques: close combat, grab-and-break, pounce, bite-and-rip
Special skills: Speed, strength, fingerlong claws and fangs, thick fur.
Preferred Weapon: Fangs and claws, add heavy bone club if needed.
Weakness: Limited endurance
Strengthst: lots of experience, very good agility and speed, overpowering strength

Parents names: Ewek OrrokAr and Kira ArrasSa
Important Relatives: No siblings, parents long deceased. Almost all tigers in Tehuioy are his biological children. The lionesque tiger-mutants are the women of the tribe and the children of other males of the tribe which were still with their mothers when the Patriarch abducted all the females and his own children from the tribe.
\item [Partner/Spouse:] Nala UrramSa, Eija SorekSa, Rahja KarrosSa, Pewa RakalSa, Arra KaldarSa
\item [Children:] many ( list will come as neccessary )
\item [Best Friend:] His oldest son Jorrm ShershahKa
\item [Other Important Friends:] The Stratega of Tehuioy and the Princess - Each new princess, whom he, in a personal ceremony, adopts.
It is a ritual which is neccessary for him to
\item [Acquaintances:] All the females of the salty marches tribe and their children. In short, all the members of the tigers enclave.
\item [Pets:] none
\item [Enemies? Why are they enemies?] The Tribes that kill children because they are different and weaker than others.

Early Years:
Born the son of a warrior of the Salty Marshes Tribe, Sher grew up swiftly. He was the largest of the young ones for his age. He killed - much to the praise of his father - another cub already at the age of six - out of accident instead of planning, as the tribe thought. His mother was handed over to another warrior as his father fell out of favour with the chieftain over a petty squabble. The new warrior 'owning' his mother often abused her in public to anger Shahs father Ewek. At the age of eight he accompanied the tribes warriors for the first time on a hunt and helped taking down a marsh buffalo. Upon return, he was officially recognized as a warrior of the tribe. That evening, his father told his that he would try to fight the Chieftain to regain his mother as wife. The chieftain defeated Ewek with ease. And then, to punish Ewek before killing him, the chieftain ordered Eweks former wife to be brought before them. Her new owner brought her and disembowled her before Eweks eyes. And before the whole tribe, including Sher.
After that, the Chieftain slowly took apart Ewek, in a way that Ewek lived as long as possible before dying. Afterwards Shers parents were added to the barbecue as prime bits
Teenage Years (11 - 19):
In the coming years Sher trained and learned. He listened to the old storyteller, learning. He observed the older fighters, learning. He observed the wild beasts in the swamps and the adjacent plains and deserts and learned. He decided to become a chieftain - The Chieftain of the Salty Marshes Tribe. When he was about 15, the old chieftain was killed by the former champion of the tribe, the warrior who had killed his mother.
In the coming years he proved a capable fighter and got rewarded with Arra at the age of 18. A year later, when he killed two warriors of a different tribe during a raid, he got rewarded with Pewa from the tribe they raided. A bit later Arra gave birth to his first son Jorrm. His son was a striped one, a tiger, and thus, once he had to show it to the tribe, would be killed as a sacrifice to the spirits of the ancients. And for being a weakling and not to taint the tribe.
Though he did not feel ready, he made his bid a week later and fought the chieftain, who had, ten years earlier, killed his mother slowly before his eyes.
He won, just barely, becoming the youngest chieftain of the tribe, Sher-Shah. Instead of killing the two virgin daughters and the one son of his predecessor who wasn't a warrior yet, he adopted them officially and traded them as part of a tribal treaty with one of the bigger tribes of the area.
Adulthood (20+):
In the coming 4 years he took the tribe out on a number of very successful hunts. Also, when two other tribes joined to kill his tribe off, he used the knowledge he had gained from the old storyteller and personal, peaceful visits to the outcasts living deep in the marshes to defeat them in detail without endangering the Kraal. The warriors cheered him. The defeated tribes brought their dead chieftains - both killed by Sher himself - wifes. Instead of killing them and feeding them to his tribe, he claimed them his personal property. This way Eija and Rahja came to him. The two daughters Pewa had given him were tigers, too. A year later - many in the tribe were wondering why their chieftain hadn't presented any offspring to the tribe so far, Eija and Rahja also gave birth to tigrine offspring.
The tribes Champion, one of the sons of one of the former chieftains, challenged Sher. He killed the Champion. Again, instead of having the champions wife killed together with the non-adult offspring of the now dead champion, he claimed Nala his personal property, sending the champions two sons to the two tribes overcome in the previous year to make their test of manhood there, one day maybe becoming the chieftains of those tribes.
But the tribes suspicions were aroused. Sher had never killed a tribal member other than in defense - with the exception of the very first kill when he was still a cub.
The tribe waited only the mandatory time before the next warrior challenged him. Again Sher won, but many of his previous wounds hadn't healed properly, and broke up again.
His wifes, to whom he was gentle in private and whom he had taught and trained to act being hit harshly for those occassions where he had to beat them in public, pooled their knowledge to heal him. Remembering the stories of the old storyteller, long dead by now and replaced by a 'younger', less capable ancient, he started to form the plan to get his five wives and by now seven children to safety. The women soon found, however, that many of the other females of the tribe were also in favour of risking the desert over staying with the tribe. Sher and the women made secret preparations. Before they were ready, the minimum pause between duels for the chieftainship was up.
Again Sher was forced to face the current champion. The champion was weaker and, one has to say, dumber than the previous two. But he some of the other warriors in the tribe cheated, reflecting light into Shers eyes or throwing sharp stones before his feet.
Still, Sher won, killing the champion and personally hunting the cheaters out of the village, crippling them badly and leaving them outside the Kraal to face the pleasantries and mercies of the beasts of the marshes.
Being left crippled but alive to the beasts was a very, very strong statement. Gifting away meat to the beasts!
The same night, barely patched up by his wives, whilst the warriors sat around the large campfire and debated if they should wait again the prescribed time before challenging their chieftain again, Sher guided most of the tribes women and small children out through a tunnel his wives had dug from the womens hut way past the Kraals walls.
With the nightprowling beasts busy with the crippled cheaters, Sher managed to bring his treck out of the marshes late the next day. His son passed his test of manhood when he spotted and killed a reptile that had sneaked up on the rear of the treck, ready to spring a pregnant women and her two daughters.
For the next half year Sher guided his people deep into the desert, protected them. And finally brought them to the gates of Tehuioy, having missed several other towns, often by less than a days walk. He walked alone to the gates. There, he asked the conditions for his children and wives - and the other women and children that accompanied him - to join the town, the, as he called it, "Great Stone Kraal". Asked why he didn't want to join, he stated that he had lived a life of hunting and killing and that he would not endanger the townsfolk. Next he was asked why he believed that his children would be safe without him present.
He replied that he had heard, from several sources, that they did not eat their own and that they cried over their deceased.
And that was all he needed as reassurance?
It was. That and their promise of safety for the children.
Were the children around?
He waved and the children and women appeared from behind a nearby rock formation.
On the dunes beyond the rock formation dozens of fennekim appeared and waved to the town.
The children und women were scared and Sher looked back and forth, flexing his massive paws.
Then the gate of the town opened and behind it the princess and stratega stood, without armor or swords, their hands held forward, palms up.
A single fennekim from the group that had appeared from the dunes behind the rock formation handed his bow and sword to another of the fennekim, then walked down the dune. Circling wide around the children and women, he approached Sher, too.
The princess shook the strategas hand, then offered her hand to Sher. He took it carefully. Slowly they shook hands. Then the princess told Sher that he was pressing a bit too hard and that she would appreciate it when he could be more careful with his claws.
Immideatly he released her arm and begged her pardon. The stratega handed the princess a silken cloth and she bandaged her arm. Sher reached out:
"Let me fix the damage I did." "Only when you will also accept our hospitality and raise your children."
And so, aged roughly 28 of a normal chieftains expected 30 to 32 years, a ripe age for a tribal chieftain, Sher Ewekar, former Shah of the Salty Marshes Kraal, became Sher-Shah, patriarch of the tiger people of Tehuioy.
By the time the human children arrive, he is around 40 years of age. And even the most optimistic ones expect him not to make it past 45.
But he watched those older than him.
And learned.

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