WtV: Manfred by AriesHausdorff

WtV: Manfred


1 May 2020 at 16:19:12 MDT

WtV: Faction: Allied Sultanates : Manfred von Feldstein

Made for me by the awesome Luciana-Lu @ FA

Manfred von Feldstein would have been called a Nerd when he'd been born 60 years later. As he was born in the 1930s, he was called a Bookworm.
Weak in health, he did grow only slowy, and at the age of 12 was barely bigger than a child of 9.
But then came the day he awoke in the town of Tehuioy. Being well read because he had never really been able to play with other kids, suddenly there were people who valued him for this particular aspect. Whilst he understood the reason for him being given a bodyguard in the form of the fenwa danceress Tanaz ibn Ardach, he came to cherish the big eared desertvixen soon. And she, accustomed to the boisterous males and hyperaggressive females of her own kind, cherished the thoughtful and gentle human boy.
That they were of similar size was just a nice bonus.
Still, some of the older human kids still mocked him, though Tanaz used the skills of a danceress to soon put a stop to that.
However, she thought about the statement of one of the bullies that Manfred would never grow bigger. As, from her point of view, he had the size proper for a husband.
And as her own inclination and her duty supported each other, she started nudging him to help a fennekim friend with something for the courtship days.
As he went with his friend to help him present what they had made together, Manfred thus legally participated in the courtship event.
His friend was picked up a few days later by a fenwa, much to the cheering of Manfred and the other friends.
But how Manfred looked when he, too, was picked up by Tanaz! And how the fennekim friends of his cheered him!
After all, danceresses are the most admired females of the fennekim people!

The changes that this brought were immense. And one of them was that, a few months after moving together into a new home, Manfred started to grow.

Years later, Tanaz would always love to tell their kids about how one day, year later, Manfred met the bully Hermann again.
And the latter had to look up to the former bookworm who, under the burning sun of Tehuioy and the manual labor - and under her care and love, as Tanaz will always emphasize - had grown into what could be called a nordic god of old.
Except maybe for the glasses, without which he is extremely nearsighted.

Manfred works both as teacher in the towns school, as most craft masters have to, as well as transferring knowledge from the microfiche library his friend Peter had along into the common language of Tehuioy. As part of the latter job, he regularly meets with the towns princess and the crafts masters, explaining the requirements for technologies and creating information packages for trade with other cities.

Manfred later on becomes father to three human boys and a gaggle of fenwa daughters, each of which grow as tall, if not even a bit taller, than the average fennekim male.

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