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Guardians by Ariadnedalua



4 November 2012 at 14:53:31 MST

"From the sun came their sons, The people of the sun. Given the duty of guarding the sun and the day light. Roaming the gold fields with their Brave Roar.

From the moon came their sons, The people of the moon. Given the duty of guarding the moon and the night mantle. Singing with their long howls.

From the eternal darkness came their sons, the shadow spirits. Who given the duty of balancing the day light and the night mantle.

From the earth came their sons, bounded to their mortal life on this land.

Fated to roam with the only purpose of liberty."

"Once in a far away past, forgoten by the legends, existed growing world. The guardians protected the light and the night. And the shadows ballanced the two energies as well.

The life prospered and the earth gave birth for the earthlings, living beings of their grounds. They had a plentiful lifes, with food, home and peace, but they have been fated to perish as the ages passed.

In their lust of becoming immortals like the guardians, the earthlings started a no ending war.

In their rage they destroyed their home and let their mother earth with deep wounds... In their fury, they chased the guardians until their race was forgoten... And with their fear... they awakened the shadows..."

I have been waiting to make this piece for a long time, I have draw this a good time ago and it makes awhile that I wanted to redo them. I felt that they deserved a better version.

These are the original ones:


And I finally did it, this one have became pretty special to me, I had a lot of work on it and I love the idea, even more that I had to wait so long for the idea finally came out on paper. I even had some ideas for a story behind it like you can see above haha.

Done in photoshop using a bamboo pen tablet.

Art by me.

Textures from:



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