Wrong bat place, wrong bat time by Arcturax

Wrong bat place, wrong bat time


4 January 2016 at 20:48:54 MST

So I've just dove down into the water to snatch up a few minnows for a snack. Behind me Tartii, seeing movement in the water, plunges her muzzle in for a meal of what must be fish! She is sure to get a fuzzy surprise as she sucks in the school of minnows and a batty with it. Once swallowed however, I will find that Tartii bellies are rather selective. Her stomach folds will separate me from all but maybe a fish or two for me to snack on in the tight space. Just enough air to poke my nose up and breathe. But otherwise trapped snugly inside! Once the stomach opens up again, no more fish, just me! My only hope is she will let me go after enjoying my presence for a while. Surely she can't keep me in there for the rest of her life. Don't dragons live forever? That's a long time! I'd better start squirming so she doesn't forget!

Art by NummyNumz (on FA)

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