Commission - Zombie Horse Plush by Arcticine-Fwyrndim

Commission - Zombie Horse Plush


1 November 2013 at 19:42:44 MDT

When I wasn't worrying and studying over the difficult new unit in Math (I seriously spent a whole week studying Logarithmic and Exponential Equations the entire time I was home because I was having such a difficult time with them for some reason), I was working on this big guy.

I had a three month deadline on this commission, which I finished with eleven days to spare. The client requested a zombie horse made in a patchwork style with black stitches visible where the colors were different. This was the first time I was able to use my fabric markers on a plush, being this isn't meant for cuddling. My camera didn't do to well on picking up the details though. The purpose behind the commission is because the client wanted to use it as a "Beating the Dead Horse" joke in his office to toss at his friends/coworkers when they start stirring up old problems or such. This plush was tightly stitched and stuffed so it can survive being thrown around alot xD

Also, it picked up alot of fuzz from my desk, I should have taken a lint roller to it before taking pictures. I have one more plush commission to do after this~

** Plush and Pictures - Created by me. Do not steal, copy, edit, or redistribute this file. **

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