Special Commission 1 - Blue by Arcticine-Fwyrndim

Special Commission 1 - Blue


30 August 2013 at 21:01:14 MDT

My first commission from my "Special Commission" slots I'm doing right now. I love how she turned out, even if she's a bit overly-saturated in color. Oops. She also looks incredibley muscular because I was drawing scale shapes and hadn't realized how some had developed to look like muscle-lines. I tried to get it to tone down ^^; I hope I can do another special commish slot soon, this was so much fun ;u;

When Floravola was attempting to send the payment, she mentioned she left me a tip. For some reason I assumed she meant a verbal tip, like some suggestions on how to draw the lingerie lace. So when her paypal was giving her trouble and she had to redo the session, I figured she had forgotten to leave the informational tip because there wasn't any message with her payment. She had sent extra money, but I had guessed it was because paypal deducts from received payments. It wasn't until I was halfway through coloring Blue's flats did I realize the tip was actually the extra money, and not a message. I felt kinda stupid xD So I made sure to put a lot of effort into her commission, and instead of making a simple shaded background, I put Blue on a soft bed-sheet and gave her some lighting.

I hope you like how she turned out, Flora, and thanks for the tip <3

Blue - Floravola on DeviantArt

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