I'm quite new to here, so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty at first. Hrrmm, I'm mostly an anthro artist, but I do draw a wide variety of topics. I'm also mostly friendly, as long as you don't type in text format, call me your "good friend" consistently if I've just met you (It creeps me out, I have someone on DA who does it xD ), or use five-hundred exclamation/questions points in a sentence/statement.

I also have an enormous amount of characters x_x I'll have a strenuous field-day trying to list them all on that Characters tab, once I figure out how to work it. I prefer to give my characters realistic personalities instead of just stating a broad characteristic or two and just leaving it. If the character has powers or odd attributes, I looveee figuring out how they could be realistically possible. I do not mind sharing character plots to an extent, for some are still in progress, or because spoilers.

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Moving Accounts

on 20 October 2014 at 14:59:22 MDT

Due to problems on my other art accounts, I'm making a new Weasyl account and moving there, being I've linked this account to them before. I'll send out notes so my new account won't get infiltrated too.

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Digital Art

Detailed Color (With Advanced BG)
$ 40.00
Detailed Color (With Average BG)
$ 25.00
Detailed Color (With simple/no BG)
$ 20.00
Flat Color
$ 13.00
(Flat Color) Full Ref Sheet (Includes Two views, 4 bust expressions, markings section (optional), color palette, and/or info section)
$ 35.00
$ 10.00
$ 5.00


Anthro Plush (About 1 ft tall)
$ 20.00
Large Dragon Plush (2 ft tall, 5 ft long, 3 ft+ wingspan)
$ 65.00
Small Dragon Plush (8" tall, 12"+ long)
$ 15.00

I DO NOT DO PORN COMMISSIONS. Risque is fine. No Exaggerated muscles, boobs, genitalia, vore. I generally do not draw robots as well. Ask if you want to know what topics I am willing to draw.

Alrighty, the art-related commissions are simple enough to understand. You specify which character(s) you want me to draw, what type of drawing, and I'll get to work. When I finish, I'll ask that you send over the money through my paypal, then I'll submit the finished work here, as well as send it to your email, if desired. A plush works the same way, though through mail of course. You have to pay the shipping for it though.

What I have under the "plushes" category is not the limit. If you have a particular plush in mind, send me a private message of possible measurements and what kind it is, and I will give you a price estimate.

Oh, and if it's confusing, the options under the "Detailed Coloring" section means a detailed colored OC with whatever background type you choose.


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