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30 June 2020 at 15:25:37 MDT

"The talon guards were the first responders in emergencies. Their lighter armor and weapon of choice, the spear, allowed them to sweep the front attackers from a safer distance, and to quickly retreat from attacks.
But this armor... Instead of the blue sky shine on the original armor, it has an eartly shine, so does this strange bladed spear. I wonder why?"
This was the original story I drew for the bird. I made them years back, but I changed their design a lot after all these years, and I wanted to make them an adopt.


Auction info:
-The auction will take place mainly on FA. But bids will be taken from all other sites I post and this will be updated.
-All prices will in in US Dollars.
-Starting bid: 30$
-Minimun bid increase: 5$
-Autobuy: 140$*
-Auction will end 3 days from now. On friday, 03/07 at 21:00 BRT

The winner will receive a psd, a png and a jpeg of the art drawn above without watermarks.
The character's gender, sexuality and story can be changed by the owner after being bought.

*AB will include a SFW/NSFW fullbody piece of the character by me (NSFW will only be done after the pandemic is over) and SFW fullbody sketch made by (love their art).


-You MUST have the funds to bid.
-Be ready to pay for the adopt when the auction is over.
-No joke bids, just post the number amount.
-If a bid happens in the last 10 minutes of the auction, 30 minutes will be added to the auction.

-Payment will be done through paypal.


The prices are a bit higher than my usual ychs, but they are a character that I carefully designed and really like, hope you understand.


Commissions are OPEN. Just send me a DM if you're interested.
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