Christmas drawings with shipping included by arc-rose

Christmas drawings with shipping included


8 November 2019 at 20:01:45 MST


Chrismas is coming!!! Well, kinda. It's still a month away. But I wanted to try something different.

This year, I'm offering christmas themed halbodies, chibis and headshots with shipping included. NSFW and SFW.
They will come in three painting styles.

-Inked drawings are 14USD, and will be only in black and white.

-Watercolor pencil drawings are 18.50USD.

-Copic colored drawings are 20.00 USD

If a client wishes to buy more than one drawing, the price for shipping will be halved on additional drawings.
High quiality copies will be sent instead of the original.
Drawing can be shipped anywhere. Payment only by paypal internationally.

Due to time constraints, I will take a limited number of commissions.

At the moment, I will open 5 slots. If I have time and there is more demand, I will open additional slots.

To apply to a slot, send me a pm with the type of drawing you want and the character ref.

It will be open until Nov 20th.

I will ship all drawings at the end of November


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