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Arc Effect by Arc Nova

Arc Effect

Arc Nova

This is a gift art of my avatar/fursona as envisioned by fantasy artist Taristin ( ). Arc is ©me, but the artwork is ©Taristin. :)

A number of months ago I was guided to Taristin’s FA page by a mutual friend of ours. He had recently posted a journal asking for volunteers to serve as guinea pigs for his artistic talents. I was very intrigued by the offer, and since he came so highly recommended, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. :)

Taristin had warned everyone in his queue that it could take quite a while for him to get around to fulfilling our requests, since he’d only be doing it when time and interest allowed. Perfectly reasonable, since this was all being done as gifts. Plus I’m a super patient dragon by nature, so I had no issue waiting. I even got the opportunity to meet him in person in the meantime! Fantastic guy to hang out with, lemme tell you. And a fellow OS-X user! :D

At any rate, he recently contacted me telling me he had started working on my request, and over the following days he was giving me regular updates as to its progress. Apparently Arc inspired him enough that he went beyond the planned sketch and gave the image a full splash of color! I simply LOVE it when my character can get an artist excited about arting! :)

He decided to give Arc a different set of armor to wear, this one inspired by the Mass Effect video game series. I have to say I REALLY like how it turned out! While I still prefer black, Arc looks really good in white, and it gives me a decent reference for how I might want his brother’s armor to look. Though that’s a project that may take a very long time to actually happen.

This also made for an excellent opportunity to show off Arc’s new blaster design. Incidentally, thank you for giving my right hand a thumb, Taristin! You have my permission to do whatever you want to the one who recommended adding it. You know what I mean. ;)

But thank you so much for doing this for me. And for going the extra mile with it! I’m a fan of your art already, and I hope in my own way I can inspire more people to check out your gallery and compliment you, as well! :D

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