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Strength by Arc Nova


Arc Nova

This is a commissioned work of my avatar/fursona as envisioned by fantasy artist Dixie Von Fur ( ). The character is ©me, but the artwork is ©her. :)

This is the kind of art I really ought to be commissioning more of. I have plenty of portraits and poses and themes ranging from sensual to silly. But this is one of my most unique submissions. One that shows just how very mortal and vulnerable Arc is when he fights without the benefit of his high-tech power armor. Warfare is not for the weak. It takes extra resolve to continue the fight when one’s blood flows freely from a wound searing with pain. Many of Arc’s race have lost their lives in similar struggles, and now he remains as one of the few to carry on their legacy. Is this how it all ends? Is this the day he becomes just another footnote in history?

Not without a fight.

This was a special type of commission that was offered by Dixie. The idea was that a commissioner would choose a theme consisting of a single word, and then she would depict their character in a way relating to the word. I had no say as to how the image would look, and thus no idea how it would eventually turn out. But I knew my trust in her abilities as an artist would not be misplaced, and indeed I feel I was proven correct. Thank you, Dixie, for this fantastic piece of art! You truly are a master of your craft.

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