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ScaleFall by Arc Nova


Arc Nova

This is a gift art of my avatar/fursona as envisioned by fantasy artist Kit Chen. The character is ©me, but the artwork is ©him. :)

From deep within the armordrake's secret art vault, comes this long-hidden classic from days gone by. You can tell it's old because this Arc's sporting some pre-ref sheet physical traits. Still looks pretty bad-ass, though! Kit Chen made this for me back when I was still an avid message-board RPer on the old Master Zen-Dao Meow site. He is an enormously talented kitsune who I've not seen since MZDM went under. I don't even know if he has an account here or not. o.o

Back in those days, my portrait from Andrea Koupal (the first entry in my gallery) was my primary (and only) character reference for all other art. You can clearly see the lineage, what with the faceted Sol-Stone and spikey head-spines. I'm not sure why the tips are yellow, though. I'm guessing there was some sort of Super Saiyan accident. I definitely enjoyed seeing the fresh interpretation on his appearance, though. :)

What I really like about this pic is the focus on Arc's blaster. Some of the details look a little weird, like the tiny trigger and oversize scope. But given the terrible reference picture Kit had to work with (drawn by yours truly) I think it turned out remarkably well! Looking at it now, the image has sort of a James Bond movie poster flare to it. All he needs is a couple of naked babes surrounding him. ;)

I'm not sure why Arc's gun doesn't show up in my commissioned art more often. I think part of it is that it's in desperate need of a redesign. Same with the sword. One of these days I need to sit down with an artist who can draw high-quality futuristic weaponry and commission a new arsenal for Arc.

Big big thanks from me to Kit Chen for this one! Even in 2013, it still looks great! :D

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