Arc Nova Character/Ref Sheet by Arc Nova

Arc Nova Character/Ref Sheet

Arc Nova

22 March 2015 at 16:08:20 MDT

This is a commissioned work of my avatar/fursona as envisioned by fantasy artist Kacey Miyagami ( ). The character is ©me, but the artwork is ©her. :)

Arc Nova has been a creation of mine for almost seven years now, and an alternate universe version of him has been floating around in my mind for well long than that! Yet in all that time my only real description of him has been text based. Not being an artist myself, this was all I had to give to artists accepting commissions until I had a decent library of images lined up to use as examples. Not long ago, I decided it was high time I commissioned a proper reference sheet for my avatar. A single sheet/file I could hand to various artists and say "he looks just like this."

Well, thanks to artist Kacey Miyagami, that wait is now over. Gentlemen, behold! Arc Nova as I have always envisioned him! :D

So if any artists out there are looking, this is your easy, one-pic guide to drawing my avatar. Naturally, of course, I encourage you to use your own imaginative talents and creative ability to depict Arc in a way that complements your individual style. I am a firm believer in artistic expression and creativity. The intent of this image is that of a reference, not a bible, so don't be afraid to put your own added detail or unique flair on his appearance. That's what art is all about, after all. :)

Many thanks go out to Kacey for making this image possible. :)

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    Still as cool as ever :) I still have to finish that feral Arc Nova + Silver drawing from FC!

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      Aww, you're much too kind! Someday I may have to do a complete redesign, but I may have a few other projects I'd like to complete first. :)

      Thank you for the fav! I definitely look forward to seeing what you have in mind! Just as I do with all of your projects. :D

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    Amazing! The level of care and attention to detail is really evident!