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Cheaty Springloaded Trigger Assembly by archeopterix2680

Cheaty Springloaded Trigger Assembly


10 February 2017 at 21:35:13 MST

If you're like me you want to build gun props with working triggers. If you're like me you CAN'T because you're mechanically inept. Have no fear; the furniture industry is your friend.

In the small hardware and fastener section at my local Ace Hardware I found something too good to pass up. I don't even remember what they're called but they had several of these little spring loaded pins that are some parts of drawers. They instantly screamed TRIGGER and at a buck-twenty I couldn't say no so I bought one and took it to the workspace. After cutting a simple trigger out of PVC i cut a little slot in the plastic spring housing and glued the trigger in it with a good slathering of Gorilla Superglue. Now I have a springloaded sliding trigger with virtually no effort on my part and no confusing mechanical fabrication. In retrospect I'd have made the trigger a little taller so I could hide the piston inside the body of the gun but now that I know how it's done I can make any number of these. These little pistons could be used to make anything you need a springloaded pin for. Buttons, cocking levers, etc. You could even design your prop so the pin presses a little button inside the object to trigger and electronic effect. Note that they obviously won't work for rocking triggers. Your best bet for that is probably a good torsion spring.

*Word of Caution* If you make one of these you may be tempted to cut steel pins down to make them more compact. Don't. This will cause/could cause the pulls to slide out as the
end is barbed to keep them in place. Also take care not to grind
all the way through the plastic jacket.


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    A system also needs to be added to keep the plasic jacket with its attached trigger from rolling side to side. A tab attached to the top slotted into a slot could do. That's where it gets complicated.

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    If anyone has additional ideas how these could be used i'd be interested to hear them.