EVA Raygun WIP by archeopterix2680

EVA Raygun WIP


3 February 2017 at 01:27:11 MST

This is an old fashioned art-deco raygun modeled in the pulp style. I was going to wait to post it until it was completely finished but I couldn't resist! This is the first totally freeform gun prop I've ever created.

This was an interesting exercise in craft making for me. I've been working with EVA foam for over a year now and I know of its many attractive properties and the myriad of uses it has for crafters. I also knew that LARPers have been using it for years to make their sparring weapons with because it's soft, lightweight and durable. Last fall I made a holster out of it for one of my guns and hard coated it with two kinds of epoxies. The result was extremely durable yet light.
What I didn't know is objects made from EVA are very durable and resilient even without any coating. Everything on this gun with the exception of the thin part on the bottom of the trigger guard is very durable and would hold up to extensive moderate duty handling as is.
To make it I simply sketched out a random rough shape on a piece of EVA sheet and cut it out, traced around it and cut out a duplicate then glued them together. All the thick parts were done in two plies this way (exceptions are the trigger guard which is from a single ply and hand grip which was three). The cylindrical parts of the barrel were created by cutting out round plugs using a circle-cutting compass and stacking them. I glued everything using epoxy and superglue and carved the foam into its final shape with a sanding drum on the handy ole' dremel (Which I've fondly named 'Electric Barberella').
This gun will get hard coated with epoxies to make it rigid and then sanded, primed and painted. This has given me several ideas concerning differing construction techniques such as using a flat PVC backbone (LARPers call this a 'core' I think) to limit flexibility as well as various rubberizing coatings. A variety of durable, light safe to handle prop weapons could be constructed.

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    If anybody thinks these descriptions are getting too lengthy or in-depth let me know; personally it kind of bums me out when people don't explain thoroughly enough how they build something.