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Upgraded Blaster Thing WIP by archeopterix2680

Upgraded Blaster Thing WIP


This is an upgrade I performed on my 'Blaster Thing' project which is currently in Work In Progress (WIP) strage. I've removed the old butt and given it a new one (And it didn't cost it thousands of dollars - don't we all wish it was that simple!). The old butt or grip was made of essentially a piece of pressed PVC bullied into a crude grip shape and slapped with some EVA foam. It looked pretty lousy from the start and was not the most comfortable thing to hold. To construct the new grip, I first drew a rough outline of a handle on a piece of flattened PVC pipe and cut it out. Next I took a strip of unflattened pipe about one inch wide by eight or so inches wide and carved a slot down the center of the concave wide wide enough for the edge of the flat handle to slot into. I then heated this strip and curved it around the edge of the handle outline forming a framework. I cut two pieces of EVA o fit into the open spaces formed by this process and ground, filed and sanded the excess plastic away shaping the grip after the superglue I held everything together with was secure. I then secured the new grip in place with a combination of Superglue and white Gorilla Glue. This was another experimental technique that I hadn't tried before and, while I was certain it would work I wasn't sure I
could pull it off. I'm more than pleased with the result. (If you look closely in the trigger recess you can see a portion of the upright backbone of the grip between the gray foam layers.)
If you'd read by original post for this project you may remember that this gun has the derogatory appellative of 'Food Service Pistol' due to its low cost and relatively low performance making it a popular self defense weapon of low paid laborers. You may also remember that it was described as plain and unattractive; unappealing in design and functiton. This was by design, but with the upgrades it looks borderline cool.

That was a mouthful. It's amazing how these descriptions get longer and longer when they're only supposed to be a paragraph or so.