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Not-Crystal in Blue by archeopterix2680

Not-Crystal in Blue


25 January 2017 at 16:23:14 MST

The acrylic Not-Crystal illuminated in the blue beam of a light emitting diode. The camera on my phone doesn't accurately capure the light scattering qualities of the object but it disperses light quite attractively. This attests to its potential use as a Kyber Crystal for a light saber or as a compenent in a steampunk raygun or component of a fantasy prop or costume such as a wand or scepter or possibly (if it were formed more carefully) a jewelry item. The potentials are virtually limitless.


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    If anyone is going to make one of these for one of the types of uses I postulated above please read up on the optical and thermal properties of the materials. Some LEDs emit heat and/ or ultraviolet light that could adversely affect the acrylic or cyanoacrylate adhesive over time. Ultraviolet light causes gradual clouding and yellowing of many resins and plastics. I'd only use these in a low heat application and probably not have them lit constantly. It's possible that overheating these could release fumes too. I haven't had time to explore these details yet. If anyone does make and use one of these for one of the purposes I mentioned I'd like to know how they perform especially over time.