Custom Scratch Made PVC Ship-Close UP by archeopterix2680

Custom Scratch Made PVC Ship-Close UP


3 January 2017 at 01:34:19 MST

This is a close up of my handmade PVC ship model showing in gruesome detail all its flaws. Crooked seam lines; assymetrical panels. Rough surfaces needing sanding. Still it was a rushed build to see if such a thing would turn out and, overall I feel it was done quite well. Before painting I May add some more details to it such as a cockpit.


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    *If anyone else is interested in creating something like this I'd like to hear from you. I think this method has great potential to make all kinds of custom ships. If anyone makes something from scratch like this I'd also love to see pics of it. In fact if anyone makes a unique one-of-a-kind ship or vehicle even from traditional means like resin casting or kitbash I'd love it if you share your experience.