Blaster Thing WIP 2 by archeopterix2680

Blaster Thing WIP 2


13 December 2016 at 18:50:54 MST

This is another WIP (Work-In_Progress) of a pair of blasters or sidearms I've been working on for the past couple summers. These weapon props (or they could be called 'toys') are constructed from a variety of materials including some found objects, some PVC pipe etc. They're based on a pair of cheap spray paint can grips ordered from ebay. The gray regions on the backs of the grips are Magic Sculpt which I added to add a bit of extra contour and add to the appearance of them being guns. A bit of extra information on the various parts: The white components are made of PVC pipe formed in various ways including flattening, drilling, cutting, etc. The gray/ black parts underneath are windshield wiper parts. The black corrugated strips are cut out of textured rubber strip obtained from Australia via Ebay. (There is probably other places to get it but this particular sample happened to come from Australia.) The built up area on the side of the gray PVC conduit pipe which forms the body is marine epoxy ground and sanded into shape.

This project is a first for me in that it represents my first attempt to make two identical props created from identical sets of parts. When finished they will be the first pair of anything I've ever created and represent an experiment (So far successful) in duplicate design. This was a process I had wanted to try for some time. These may or may not have small scopes when finished.

These weapons are related to the other blaster WIP in that they belong to the same concept story as it does. These would be a higher end, higher performing weapon with more powerful output, better reliability, etc. and would be suitable for law enforcement or personal defense for persons with more disposable income. Despite the higher output of the weapon they are still rated as being 'hull breach compliant'.