Skunk Superheroine Scrap by archeopterix2680

Skunk Superheroine Scrap


13 October 2016 at 02:40:05 MDT

Another Poser Render Scrap.

This is a skunk morph in the Furries collection of morphs for Capsces 'Melody' character for Aiko 3. This is a popular Poser figure from DAZ3d.

Little has been developed about this character. Her name is Phaedra and she initially was supposed to be for a superhero type comic or something. She's gone from superhero girl to spoiled brat with daddy issues to stuck in development hell to mothballed. I'd like to do something with her but I have no idea what. Oh well.

The Aiko 3 figure can be purchased at

Melody and the furries morphs are available from Capsces at RuntimeDNA.

I don't recall who supplied the costume. I got it either from DAZ3d or from Shukky at ShareCG. I don't remember where but thanks all the same!

The Raygun prop is courtesy of yours truly. If by wild coincidence you're a Poser artist and you want to download it free of charge:

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