Another Melody Test 1 by archeopterix2680

Another Melody Test 1


13 October 2016 at 00:22:05 MDT

Another test render in Poser using Aiko 3 and Furries for Melody. This is the same red panda dresssed differently. She is probably some tribal princess or something. Note that the tail is shaped correctly in this one. This is after I figured out how to correctly morph the tail.

**If you want to use this character as an example pic in a roleplay go ahead. If you re-post the image on your website with a character bio or what have you just please don't claim the art for yourself (as a matter of principle). If you wanted to provide a link back here that'd be great but not necessary.

Content Credits:

Aiko 3: DAZ3d original content
Melody/Furries Morphs/Costume: Capsces at Runtime DNA