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Poser Red Panda Scrap by archeopterix2680

Poser Red Panda Scrap


12 October 2016 at 23:57:16 MDT

This is a scrap I created to test out a set of 'Furrie' Morphs I purchased for the popular Poser figure Aiko 3. The character doesn't have a great deal of backstory (or any actually). I had the impression of a hitwoman or assassin probably with a nasty demeanor. I expect later on in 'the film' she gets offed by some james bond type, if you get my drift.


Melody/Furries: Capsces at Runtime DNA.Com

**If you happen to see some Poser content that belongs to you but you weren't named thank you also! Quipao Dress and 357 Magnum are also not mine.

***If you want to use this scrap as a roleplaying character reference or what ever go ahead. Just don't sell it or claim it as your own work or what ever...not that I guess it matterse in this instance but it's the principle of the thing.