DIY LED lighting-Cheap and Easy! Power Off; Bases Visible by archeopterix2680

DIY LED lighting-Cheap and Easy! Power Off; Bases Visible


31 October 2015 at 16:24:22 MDT

This is a detail image of my Cheap and Easy LED lighting hack. These are the finger lights with their power off clearly showing the 'Magic Sculpt' resin clay bases. More on the fabricatio of these bases: To make these I simply used Magic Sculpt resin clay and pushed a ball of it onto each light then pressed the ball flat on the counter of the shed. Next I used a wetted popsickle stick to form the blob into a pyramid shape and set aside to let cure overnight. As I stated in my Glass Insulator Luminary image you could use any method to make these stand upright even gluing them to square cardboard bases. With the Magic Sculpt or cheaper plumber's epoxy you have more control over the final form of your bases. You could even have your lights stand at an angle for back lighting or spot lighting. It's all up to you. The whole project could cost you well under twenty dollars and depending on what you have at home already, well under ten.

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