Welcome to my page. I like to draw dogs and furries cos wow I guess that's pretty cool.

Also check out my tumblr for more art stuff, I tend to upload there more. (link is below)

Other stuff I like:
-Sm4sh, Ace Attorney. (Anything within these two genres really)
-Quiet places
-A whole bunch of other stuff

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New tumblr

on 19 July 2016 at 22:49:23 MDT

Heyo~ I haven't been updating this place a lot and that's pretty awful of me. (Laziness plus college are both evil things)

I'll be planning to be more consistent with uploading stuff tho. For one thing, having some type of consistency I need to live up to gets me to draw more, so that's always good.

Also, I made a new art tumblr!

And I mean a proper one that's not littered with memes and silly reblogs. This one will be solely for art stuffs. I'll probably reblog art from other people as well with one of those secondary tumblrs. It'll be nice to have a tumblr where I can just see cool art, instead of dog videos or whatever every 5 seconds.

The tumblr will have more stuff like sketches and things. So go there if you want to see more things!
I'll still post here, but only complete and cleaner works.

Hope everything's dandy with you guys. If there's anyone here? Cos I have like no followers plus weasyl's kinda quiet tbh lol.

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    Thanks for the watch and the faves

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    Hey man! Thanks for the follow and favs! 8D

    I'm currently offering commissions if you're curious!

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      Oh np! Your art is lovely and really interesting!

      And thank you for the link, but I'm not really one to commission people. Gl to you though! 0w0)b

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    thank you so much for the fav and follow <33333333

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      Your welcome! I really like the way you draw! (0w0)b

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    thanks for the follow!

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      Your welcome! I like your stuff! :)

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    Thanks for the follow ^^