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Andromorphic female and Gynomorphic male

on 12 January 2021 at 14:39:06 MST

Having only two natural genders - male and female, throughout its entire history humankind didn't hesitate to imagine people who possessed the features of both genders at the same time. Be it ancient myths or modern art, there is a huge amount of artworks that depict both, females possessing sturdy masculine physique, and males possessing sophisticated feminine physique. Nonetheless, as the number of artworks grows, so does the need to define clear distinctions between the aforementioned character types.

For example, words like "shemale" and "futanari" have recently been used to refer to a person who looks like a woman but has male genitals. Furthermore, there are well known phrases which have their first word naming genitalia, and the second one being a "girl" or "boy". All of the aforementioned examples should not be used for the following reasons.

The words "she" and "he" are not definitions, but references to female and male genders respectively. Based on this, the words "shemale" and "hefemale" also won't be definitions and will only serve as references to the character's false gender.
The word "futanari" is translated from Japanese as the noun "androgyne" or the adjective "androgynous". These words serve as generalized definitions of anything that possesses traits of both genders. Therefore, the word "futanari" cannot serve to clearly denote the base and target genders of the character.
As for the phrases like, so to speak, "genitalia-girl" and "genitalia-boy", since the visible genitals are just the part of the reproductive system and biology of the individual, the names of specific organs cannot be used to denote the entire base gender of the character.

In order to strictly define the target and base genders of the character, it's worth introducing such definitions as "andromorphic female" and "gynomorphic male". Each word in these definitions plays its own specific role. Adjectives "andromorphic" and "gynomorphic" serve to denote the target gender, whether it's just body features or gender still not achieved during the reassignment procedure. Meanwhile, the nouns "female" and "male" are used to denote the base gender according to which the character plays a certain role in the reproductive cycle of own species.

Based on this, the following basic definitions can be derived.
Andromorphic female is a female who has an appropriate reproductive system and plays the role of a female in the reproductive cycle of her species, but has the rest of her body features that look like a male's physique.
Gynomorphic male is a male who has an appropriate reproductive system and plays the role of a male in the reproductive cycle of his species, but has the rest of his body features that look like a female's physique.

It's useful to note that the aforementioned definitions allow adaptation of their nouns in order to clarify age of the character. Furthermore, phrase can be merged into a single noun. For example, the word "woman" in the phrases "andromorphic woman" and "androwoman", denotes an adult female whose target gender is male. Similarly, the word "boy" in the phrases "gynomorphic boy" and "gynoboy", denotes a young male whose target gender is female.

In addition, nouns can be adapted in order to clarify character's species. This can be best illustrated by the example of beastmorphic humans, such as in the phrases "andromorphic cowwoman" or "gynomorphic bullman". It's important to note, that the creature's species defines the possible gender at birth, while the gender itself does not define the creature's species. Therefore, the adjective must convey the target gender, while the noun must convey the character's species and base gender. In other words - the phrase "gynomorphic bullman" is correct, while the phrase "bullmorphic gynoman" is not correct.

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