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Hello! I'm Apple. Something something something witty, and then some other almost thought-provoking stuff. Sound about right? Good. Hi there! Nice to meet you. Welcome. Other generic greeting. I don't know what to say, so I'm rambling on and on and on and on. Someone please stop me. Quick, before I go and give away the secret of life. Speaking of which, just so ya know, I'm immortal. Yup, never gonna die! So, yeah. There. Really done. Happy? No? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FORM ME!



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Oh my gosh it's 2015!

Time flies when you have absolutely no concept of time because of afk-ness, lack of job, lack of purpose, lack of direction, and lack of rent checks. I've not been active here for a few reasons, partly a lack of inspiration and witty quips about current events, opinions, etc. I need to have more chances to ramble- to give myself more chances to ramble and really figure out what's important to me. What is important to me? Lots of things. Almost nothing, which in context is just an exploitation of the lack of specificity of the phrase almost nothing. What's new with me? Well, for one, I've acquired a very strange habit let's call it of squeaking. It's like a hiccup, I feel it build up, and it comes out as a squeak. Kind of embarrassing, really cute, strange from a personal perspective. Someone likes me, which for me is another interesting experience. I keep details nonexistent for a reason, but... I've been alone for long enough that most forms of affection are almost alien to me. Took me years to get comfortable with kissing, and even that's still a "if I REALLY like you" kind of thing! Damn, I'm socially awkward. Oops, I swore. Or did I? What's a swear? A curse? Blasphemy? No, that's the wrong direction... And there's the ramble! Good times had by absolutely nobody, getting back near a point. I don't know what to do with my life! I don't know what I'll end up doing. I want to travel, I want to be with friends, I want to make more friends, I want to have fun! I appreciate tips on everything, except for tips on my circles, because THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ROUND NOT POINTY! Heh. Yeah. Anyway, I'll cut things short here. Hopefully, I'll have a job soon, and a proper gaming computer so i can play my Dota 2 like a real person, instead of playing on my portable potato machine. Questions? Ask! Public or private, whatever. Comments? Tell! Public or private, whatever. Threats? Bring it! I could use a good laugh.

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    tnx fur watch

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    Thank you for the follow! <3

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      New web-immigrant, and I liked your art. Welcome to Weasyl!

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    Thank you for following me! (^_^)

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      np! Glad to get a lazy way to see your updates. >w>

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