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Meeting in that Tavern for the Second Encounter by Apolarburr17 (critique requested)

Meeting in that Tavern for the Second Encounter (critique requested)


Well I actually finished the story of Theo’s second Chimera encounter! I teased this story and encounter all the way back in “The Luck of Finding a Warm Fire in the Woods” which I wrote and posted a while ago. This story is just about as long and took so long to write because I wanted it to be a standout and also there’ was other stuff I wanted to write in between. Took a long while but I’d say I’m pretty happy with it now. We flash back with Theo and Marsh to when Theo encountered that Conniving Chimera back when he still was getting the hang of the transformation that made him a polar bear and also when he had much still to learn. That said this will still effect the present and things will change in the now as well. This is a story chocked full of a lot of exposition, world lore and a few shocking and brutal moments. Also just as a forewarning there is some minor body horror in this story.

The character of Bonebreaker mentioned towards the end belongs to BonelessRoo on Twitter. All other characters in this story are mine.

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