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Very casual 'artist' here "specialized" at doing a whole lot of everything... without finishing more than a fraction of the things they start.

So there's a very real change you'll see a lot of different stuff in the gallery.
Spaceships, random backgrounds, aliens, 5th grader-level doodles, insects (duh!) or a lovechild of a Lovecraftian elder god and one of H.R. Giger's Necronimicon's ladies, gene-spliced with a healthy dose of dystopian archeotech cyberpunk goodies.

And just as well, you might not see anything at all.

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Status and plans

on 26 April 2015 at 06:17:40 MDT

Despite not being very active, I still have some stuff planned... so I'm not dead yet. ;)

As to what causes the inactivity: Games. Blame it on the games! D:
DBZ:Xenoverse, Starmade, Space Engineers, Dynasty Warriors, Satellite Reign, Starbound... So many games, yet so little time to actually play them.

Future-ish planning stuff:

More spaceships! (Join the crew!)
The spaceship currently in my gallery is the very first 3d thing I made in Sketchup.
The program is free and even after the 30 day trial, you can still use all the tools to make something.
It's easy to use and fun to toy around with so if there are people interested intagging along and making a Weasyl Crew, feel free to leave a reply.
It may be fun to get a group together and make some spaceships for our characters. :p

Insects! (duh)
Still working/practicing on learning/figuring out basic anatomy, so not a lot of process there.
I'll probably focus on humanoid designs, with very little humanoid in it.
If that makes any sense.

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      You're welcome, the pleasure is mine. :)