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A Friend For Salvatore Moreau by AoiTheDragon

A Friend For Salvatore Moreau

PART 1 - Aoi and Angie’s Plan

It had been quite a while since Aoi Ryugoku has lived in the village at House Beneviento in secret. Aoi is still cautious regarding exposing herself out in the wild since she is afraid of most of the lords, especially Mother Miranda. Everyone knew Aoi was somewhere in this village but so far, no one has managed to catch her. The only friend the blue haired girl had was Lady Beneviento who was very good at keeping a secret. Even Angie didn't speak of Aoi's presence to the others. That said, Aoi was very well aware of who Miranda and the lords were. She knew that the mutant fish man Salvatore Moreau was quite the loner and that no one really liked him. She knew that even Angie called him names quite often and that he doesn't have any friends. He's always the underdog of the bunch. Knowing all this made Aoi a little sad but she was too afraid to meet Moreau herself and at this point in time, Donna thought it was better for Aoi not to be spotted by Moreau due to him probably being the most loyal to Mother Miranda and always aiming to please her. Spotting Aoi would most likely mean the end for her since everyone knew of Miranda's orders to capture Aoi and bring the blue haired girl to her. A few months after learning about Moreau, Aoi decided to speak to her only friend and trusted being, Lady Beneviento. She wanted to speak with her about making a possible friend for the fish man. Donna was in her workshop creating more dolls and clothing for them when she suddenly heard a knock on the workshop's door. "Come in." said Donna. Aoi opened the door slightly and peeked through the opening. "Hey, miss Donna! Can we talk about something? It's about Moreau..." Aoi said. Donna then gestured for Aoi to enter the workshop so that the two could talk. Donna wasn't wearing her veil as she trusted Aoi, so she didn't feel the need to cover her face and huge abscess. After Aoi entered the room and closed the door, Donna got up and grabbed another chair for the dragon bean so the two could sit and talk together. Aoi walked to the chair next to Donna and sat down. "So what did you want to talk about regarding Moreau, Aoi?" Donna asked. Aoi then explained how he's always lonely and that he has no one to hang out with. She told Donna how perhaps the two of them could create a big plush friend for him and then bring it to life using the cadou. Aoi then looked at Angie and pointed at her, hinting at the fact the plush could come to life since Angie was in fact a doll herself implemented with the cadou as well. Donna could hear the excitement in Aoi's voice but deep down, Donna wasn't sure if this was going to work. "Aoi...While it is indeed a lovely idea, I'm not sure if it's gonna work..." Donna said with a sad tone. "W-What? Why not!?" Aoi responded quickly, with a very sad and upset tone. She didn't understand why Donna thought it wasn't going to work. "You see...With Angie, I-" Donna was cut off by Angie who was also in the workshop with them. She jumped on to the table and looked at the two ladies in front of her. "Speaking of me, Donna had part of her cadou removed through surgery and the removed part was placed inside of me! If that ugly fish thing really wants a friend, I'm sure he'd agree to having part of his cadou removed and then stuffing it into the plush thing we create, right!? I mean, since it's part of the same cadou but just split in half, it would allow the two to feel connected and communicate, just like with Donna and me!!" Angie said excitedly as she did a little silly dance on the table. "HEY! That could actually work, right!? Right, miss Donna!?" Aoi asked excitedly, almost clinging to Donna. The dollmaker giggled a bit as she pat the dragon bean's head. "Angie is right. That could actually work, but I would have to meet Moreau first and discuss with him what I'm planning. I will have to leave you out of the meeting part, Aoi, and I can't mention you at all for safety reasons. Understood?" The one eyed girl nodded happily, fully understanding why Donna said that. "Good. Tomorrow, I'll head over to the reservoir and speak with Moreau about it. In the meantime, why don't you and Angie come up with ideas for how you'd like Moreau's friend to look like?" Donna asked her little sidekick doll and her guardian angel dragon. The two nodded. Donna decided to make some tea and get ready to go to bed since she planned on getting up early for the meetup with Moreau and it was already getting late. As Donna left, Angie giggled a bit. "Well, well, well! Looks like you and I finally get to work together on something, you one eyed freak! HAHAHA!!" Angie did her little dance again on the table as she laughed. Aoi just rolled her eye. "You do realize that you're also basically insulting Donna by saying that, right? Since she also technically has one eye." Angie quickly stopped dancing and growled a bit annoyed. "GAH!! I HATE how I don't even have a good comeback to counter that, you stupid dragon!!" Aoi chuckled a bit. "Heh, gotcha." A random doll on one of the shelves in the workshop then started to speak. "Are you two done fighting yet? Lady Beneviento would be so disappointed in you two if you can't even finish such a simple task without starting an argument." Angie growled more. "SHUT UP!!" Aoi hid her face in her elbow to try and hold back laughter. Angie's tantrum made her want to burst out in laughter! "Alright, alright. The doll is right! Let's calm ourselves down and think of a cute little creature friend for Moreau! How about a cute plush dragon?" Aoi asked. "UGH! Another dragon!? LAAAAAME!!" Angie yelled and crossed her arms annoyed. "Well, what did you have in mind, then?" Aoi asked Angie. "How about a snail!?" Angie said, with an obvious tone that indicated she wasn't really taking this serious. However, Aoi decided to remain calm and looked at some of the dolls on the shelves. "Okay, guys! We need some help over here! Raise your hand if you agree with a plush dragon for Moreau or stand on one leg if you choose a snail instead!" Aoi said. All the dolls raised their hands except for maybe a couple who stood on one leg instead. "Well then! A plush dragon it is!" This made Angie even more annoyed. "And how about you are in charge of the colors and patterns, Angie?" Aoi felt a bit bad about Angie being so annoyed so she wanted to try and cheer up Donna's main doll a bit by having her be in charge of the color scheme. This seemed to calm Angie down a bit. This was the right step for Angie to take this seriously, so she did. "Hmmm....How about gray with polka dots? Maybe some long floppy ears as well?" Angie said. "Ooooh, Angie! I really like that! Good work! Perhaps the inside of the ears could be gray with white polka dots and maybe the paw pads, tongue and horns could be red with white polka dots! What do you think?" Aoi asked Angie. "Yeah, I like that!" Angie replied. The blue dragon Aoi and the crazy doll Angie finally started to get along together on this project. The two discussed more of their ideas as one of the clown dolls came along to help with drawing it out for them. It was now a three-person team and they worked on the designing project for another hour after the clock had already struck midnight. Aoi and Angie were really happy with how the final result of their idea for a plush dragon turned out and they couldn't wait to see Donna's reaction tomorrow! The two thanked the clown doll for helping them draw out their design and they left the workshop after turning off the lights to head to bed as well. They went to Donna's bedroom and Aoi transformed into her dragon form and hopped on Donna's bed, laying down next to her, curling her fluffy tail around Donna to keep her warm and cozy. Donna smiled in her sleep as she ran her hand through Aoi's soft blue fur, petting the dragon bean. Aoi purred softly and fell asleep shortly after. Angie jumped on Aoi's back and slept there.

PART 2 - The Meetup

The following morning, Donna had awoken and had already gotten out of bed while Aoi and Angie remained asleep for a few more hours. The dollmaker had already planned getting up early beforehand since she didn't want Aoi to follow her and let alone bring Angie with her, since she still didn't quite fully trust her own sidekick not to ruin the whole secret about Aoi and that she is actually the one who came up with this idea so Donna knew it was best to go solo. As she entered the workshop to see what Aoi and Angie had created, she was pleasantly surprised by the detailed ref sheet they had provided, fully showing the plush dragon in all his full glory. Donna smiled and decided to take the ref sheet with her and show it to Moreau. No one really knew about the lords' animal forms besides themselves and, of course, Mother Miranda. It all happened quite a long time ago shortly after Aoi came into the village. Miranda was performing some more tests and experiments with the cadou but apparently, something may have gone wrong and it caused all existing cadou implementations in the lords to go haywire, giving them an animal form together with their already existing powers. Even Miranda was affected by it and received a full raven form. This angered Miranda even further, making her think that there's yet another failure with cadou experimentation and this time, she can't even figure out what exactly went wrong and caused everyone to receive an animal form. Alcina having two completely different dragon forms? Really? While their animal forms all played into their current powers, basically strengthening them even further, Miranda told them not to ever use their animal forms unless absolutely necessary like when they needed to transform in an emergency situation. While the lords listened to Miranda's orders regarding this for most of the time, they would still transform and have fun in their animal forms and completely disregard her wishes on occasion. For example, Donna enjoyed creating cat dolls as well and is still incredibly talented with her doll making even in her cat form which she enjoys showing off to Angie and the rest of her dolls. Aoi is also one of the only ones to know about the lords' animal forms, especially Donna's cat form since the dollmaker told her all about it and even showed Aoi her cat form. The two even enjoy hugs and snuggles while both of them are in their animal forms. That said, Moreau's territory was impossible for Donna to cross with those heels she was wearing. Even her gardening boots wouldn't be enough since it would still take hours and hours to reach the fish man since the reservoir was a bit flooded at this moment in time. There was water everywhere and stepping into any soft mud would make you slowly lose your footing as you'd get stuck in that mud. Donna knew this and knew that she had no choice but to transform into her cat form so she could speed through this muddy and wet territory on all fours. Cats may hate water but they're still pretty good swimmers regardless so Donna was all set to go in her cat form. She'd reach Moreau in no time. She quickly transformed into her cat form and sped through the reservoir on all fours. Soon enough, she had reached Moreau's shack and quickly returned to her regular human form. She walked up the steps around the back and knocked to let him know someone was there. Moreau never expected any visitors whatsoever so he was super excited and curious to see who it was. As he went around back and saw Donna there waiting for him, he was surprised. He backed away a bit, thinking she was just here so that Angie could make fun of him some more but he's in for a surprise. "Y-You...Why are you here? Have you come here to tease me again...?" The fish man asked, his voice a bit shaky. Donna reassured him that this wasn't the case and that she wanted to speak to him about something important and very special. She mentioned how she came up with this great idea about a plush dragon friend for him and that the plan is to bring it to life by using the other half of Moreau's cadou, and explaining that it would be the same process as with her and Angie. She even showed him the ref of the dragon. If this sounded good to Moreau, it would be up to him to further discuss this with Miranda who would perform the surgery and remove part of his cadou and then place it within his plush dragon friend, is what Donna would explain to the fish man. Moreau was more than excited and agreed to all of this. Seeing the dragon's ref made him melt from absolute cuteness overload! He told Donna he'd talk to Miranda about it after the next meeting between Miranda and the lords. With Donna now having agreement from Moreau, she went back to her own mansion and decided to get to work on the new plush dragon once she got back. She got back to her own home using her cat form as well and returned to her human form once she returned safely. Once she entered her mansion, she went straight to the workshop to get started. About an hour later, Aoi and Angie woke up as well. They went to see where Donna had gone and quickly found the dollmaker in her workshop. Angie and Aoi decided to enter the workshop as well to help Donna out by handing her the needed tools and materials, etc. She was proud of Angie and Aoi for the great work they did designing the plush dragon. "Does he have a name yet?" Donna asked. "Hmm...How about Aibo?" Aoi replied. For once, Angie didn't respond or try to complain. She just nodded her little head. "That's a really nice name!" Donna responded. It took the dollmaker only a few days to finish up Aibo the big plush dragon! During the time that Donna was working on Aibo, Moreau was trying to find the courage to speak to Mother Miranda about his new friend in the making since another meeting was coming up soon…

PART 3 - Will Miranda Approve?

After several days, it was time for another meeting between all the lords, ladies and Mother Miranda. The meeting itself was boring and nothing of interest. After it ended, Moreau decided to gently approach Miranda and asked if he could speak to her about something important privately. Everyone else left the building as Miranda agreed to speak to Moreau privately. While he was very nervous, he eventually found the courage and words to tell her about Donna's plan for a new friend for him, and about removing part of his cadou to bring his friend to life just like how Donna did with Angie. To Moreau's great surprise, Miranda approved as she didn't see any harm in it and knew how lonely fish man was. In fact, she found it delightful to see some of her adoptive children finally get along with each other for once! She told Moreau to return to her once Donna had finished making Aibo so that the surgery could begin. Moreau was super excited and happy, and couldn't thank Miranda enough! A few hours later, Lady Beneviento let Moreau know that Aibo was finished! She even brought him along with her to show the final result! Moreau was happy to see his new friend and quickly took him from Donna to give him a tight hug. Aibo was still inanimate at this point but he didn't care. As he pat Aibo's head, he told Donna that Miranda had approved of the plan and the cadou removal. Donna was happy for him and the two decided to see Miranda as Moreau carried Aibo with him. The three eventually arrived where Miranda was. After setting everything up and after everything was ready to go, Moreau found a way to lay down on the surgery table. He was very nervous and turned to face Donna while he rested on the table. "C-Could you please stay with me, D-Donna...?" Donna nodded and deep on the inside, Miranda melted. She never expected anyone to get along this well with the most hideous of the four lords. She tried to keep a straight face as to not show her children that this secretly meant a lot to her. After Moreau was sedated and in a deep sleep, the surgery began. Donna kept a safe distance so that Miranda could do her work. It all went surprisingly well and very smooth. Part of Moreau's cadou was removed successfully and as he was patched up and placed to rest in a different room, Aibo was put on to the surgery table next. Donna coached Miranda on the best way possible to open up Aibo neatly without damaging his fabrics or materials since she created him, after all! After Aibo's chest was neatly opened up, the cadou was placed inside. While everything did go super smoothly, it did take several hours for everything to be completed because Miranda wanted to make this as perfect as possible. Aibo was yet another experiment, after all. She saw Angie as a cadou experiment too. After those several hours were over and done with, Moreau eventually woke up and found that Aibo was on a gurney next to him…

PART 4 - A Friend For Moreau! (FINAL PART)

Moreau tried to get up very slowly and examined himself to find out that he was alive and well. The pain wasn't all too bad as he gently made his way towards where Aibo was resting. As the fish man slowly reached his hand towards Aibo, he noticed that the big fluffy plush dragon turned his head to face Moreau. "Hello! I'm Aibo!" The gray plush dragon exclaimed before he jumped off his gurney in no time and immediately hugged Moreau. Seems this adorable dragon already knows who his buddy is! Moreau gasped a bit as he was overwhelmed with feelings of happiness. Donna's plan actually worked! Lord Moreau finally has a friend! He could only dream of having a real friend beforehand, and now his dream became a reality thanks to his sibling Donna! Little did Moreau know that Angie and Aoi were involved too but that wasn't important. The important thing was that Moreau finally has a real friend now and that the plan worked after all! As Aibo kept hugging Moreau while wagging his tail, the fish man hugged him back super tightly as tears of happiness and thankfulness rolled down his cheeks. Donna and even Mother Miranda were both touched by the sight before them and both were very happy for Moreau as well! Moreau thanked Donna and Miranda, then headed home with his new best friend. Donna decided to head home as well and tell Angie and Aoi the wonderful news and that their plan worked! The two had hug sessions every day as well as fun activities they do together such as hide and seek, having a picnic with each other, fishing, snowball fights, and plenty more! Moreau has become so much happier thanks to his new friend and has a lot more self esteem and confidence now. He's not ashamed to bring Aibo with him to the meetings between the lords, ladies and Mother Miranda either, just like how Donna always brings Angie with her. Lady Dimitrescu still simply pretends Moreau doesn't exist and has no opinion on Aibo, while all Karl can do is chuckle every time he sees Aibo but leaves it at that. Moreau is surprised to see how everyone is rather laid back about Aibo but even if they did make fun of him for having his new friend, he really could care less as his confidence and self esteem have been greatly boosted! Aibo is like a therapy friend for Moreau! As time went by, Moreau thought it would be a cool idea for Aibo to wear a red hoodie. He had the hoodie made by Donna who of course knew Aibo's measurements since she created him. A super happy ending indeed!

A Friend For Salvatore Moreau


A wholesome story about Salvatore Moreau from Resident Evil Village getting a new friend named Aibo the Plush Dragon!

Aibo is a Resident Evil Village OC belonging to AoiTheDragon.
Salvatore Moreau and Resident Evil Village belong to Capcom.