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A Heartwarming Story by AoiTheDragon

A Heartwarming Story


It's been a while since I've shared any heartwarming stories. A few days ago, something special happened again. A very unique and special interaction. I was out fursuiting again with my parents after a few weeks. The weather was finally cool enough again but I was really nervous and anxious since it's been a while since I fursuited in public so I had to get used to it again. We were walking and suddenly, a car stopped near us. Inside the car was a family and the dad stepped out of the car and opened the door to where his little one was sitting. The family wanted me to interact with their child but I was a little hesitant and shy since it's been such a long time since I last fursuited. But within a few seconds, the gentle family friendly dragon got her mojo back. I gently tip toed my way over to the little one in character and didn't just walk or act like I was just someone in a costume and that's that. No, I actually performed as my character in a way and curiously and gently approached the child. I slowly reached out with my paw to the little one to give them a high five, which they did! The little one was overjoyed and couldn't stop giggling. The mother and father both had a huge smile on their face too when watching me interact with their kiddo! I made this family's day and when the dad saw I was suiting for CliniClowns, he got overwhelmed with respect and loved to see it. For those who don't know, CliniClowns is an organization here who helps sick and disabled children, people with dementia, etc. This was such a special interaction and I really felt in my element with performing as my character for the family despite not having done something like that in weeks. And above all, the highlight was making that family's day. This is why I adore fursuiting; just helping people and making their day!

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    That's a nice outcome.

    I've tried that here and almost got arrested. One "old biddy" as the saying goes thought furries were freaks and called the police even if we were invited to the gathering.
    The gathering officials did still pay us with some food and stuff and we left. There was no point to continuing fursuiting with police guns ready to draw and shoot you if they didn't like what you were doing. I've been to war irl was well post war cleanup and tbh the warzone was less trouble and helping a child or family there actually meant something.
    A fursuit in an IRL warzone is more appreciated than at home.

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      Thanks for posting your story AOI, i appreciate it. It's nice to hear that it's not all going to hell in a hand basket.

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        It was my pleasure. With this story, I hope to show that this can go well too, and that not every furry is a creep like so many people seem to think. I'm sorry you've had such a terrible experience thanks to that "old biddy" but I'm glad to hear that children and families were still happy to see you guys in the warzone. From my experience, people who have it "less luxurious" are super thankful for even the smallest things, even if it's someone just trying to make them smile. These people are so thankful and actually appreciate people like us.

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          I think what bothered me the most is that you have native cultures that wear full on real animal bones, skulls, feathers, scales, you name it and their pantheon is mostly animals (like 99%) and it's ok for most people but furries get all this flak is weird. It's strange that werewolf and vampire appreciation groups don't get the any where near the same amount of flak.

          Any how it's best not to dwell on such things. I still get letters from kids (now obviously adults with families of their own) from those war zones thanking me for the good memories. That's thanks enough for me.

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            Yeah, exactly! I agree with you. And awww, really happy to hear that! You were still able to help those people and they still remember you, always remaining thankful. That's what truly matters. <3