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on 3 December 2016 at 13:20:59 MST

This journal is to welcome you all to my page and give you a little bit more info about what you will find here

This is a character account which houses all of the characters I own, the only characters that aren't found on this page are my Fursona AevalPanthera, my male OC Seth and the Wookaroo girls - Liebe and Caprice.. These characters have their own pages which can be found by clicking the icons below

AevalPanthera OC_Seth and wookaspring

I have posted a series of journals on (which are currently empty) and these are going to be used to give you an insight into the different areas my characters live in, the relationships they have with one another and a little bit of each characters backgrounds. I will also have previews of characters or stories which are being developed in these journals and I am considering making character spotlight journals (or Literary submissions) on a monthly basis to shine a little light on all of the characters found on this page

I want to thank everyone who has followed this page, faved or commented on the artwork and characters posted on this page (so far) and I really hope you enjoy what is posted here in the future

~ Cookie

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    I'm sorry but you're name is Anzac Cookie? Even though I live in the USA, my family is crazy about Anzac biscuits! We make them pretty much every other week. Just ate one actually!

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      Being Australian I thought it only right my name incorporated something iconic into it which is why I added Anzac, cookie is actually the name of my first sona I ever made (the one featured in my avatar) and Aeval is the name of my new fursona. It's good to know there are people out there who enjoy anzac biscuits in other parts of the world - they are a personal favourite of mine